Wedding Gift Wrapping (Japanese Pleats Design)

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wedding gift ideas Looking for an idea for wedding gift wrapping?
This Japanese pleats design is perfect!

Materials: Wrapping paper, Ribbon
Tools: Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided Tape

Music: A Moment in Time by Dan Phillipson (Lynne Publishing)

Duration : 0:6:18

13 Responses to “Wedding Gift Wrapping (Japanese Pleats Design)”

  1. Manzoor Zai Says:


  2. Katherine Ernst Says:

    So beautiful!
    So beautiful!

  3. Paper Guru Says:

    Exactly! …
    Exactly! Presentation is a part of the gift…so we might as well make it as nice as possible 😉

  4. bevvy c Says:

    Love that so much. …
    Love that so much. Presentation of a gift says so much about the giver of huge gift…if it’s wrapped by them 🙂

  5. liveforlife2494 Says:

    Using this to wrap …
    Using this to wrap a present for an upcoming family wedding! Thanks a lot, I only have plain white paper and nothing else suitable for a wedding, so this helps to visually spice it up!

  6. rhonda roo Says:

    Love love your …
    Love love your videos keep them coming thanks for sharing

  7. Julie M Says:

    Love your videos! …
    Love your videos! There’s no rambling on and on and the music is so calming.

  8. Masuma Jahan Says:

    super liked<3… …
    super liked<3…you always help me to wrap the gift……

  9. Mima Miminha Says:

    I love this! Thank …
    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing…

  10. Miriam Capps Says:

    I find it difficult …
    I find it difficult to see the actual pleating because of the print. Could you do that again in a plain paper? I really enjoy your creative wrapping!

  11. ms20LOL Says:


  12. angehaven Says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for posting this after the basic pleats. It makes it easier to understand.

  13. snoringbee731 Says:

    So Elegant
    So Elegant

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