Bridesmaid Wedding Gift Ideas!

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wedding gift ideas Here are the goodies I gave to each of my Bridesmaids. I hope you enjoy this video!

Make-up/Nail polish: I will update this when I get home from Hawaii, because I can’t remember!
Top: Target
Necklace: HRH Collection
Earrings: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors
Rings: Etsy
Bangles: David Smallcombe

I had AWESOME experiences with these Etsy sellers and would recommend them in a heartbeat!


Knot Rings

Sigma Brushes!

Instagram! Michelebell21

My Etsy Shop!


*I paid for everything in this video myself with the exception of the brush kits which were generously gifted by Sigma!

Duration : 0:9:24

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24 Responses to “Bridesmaid Wedding Gift Ideas!”

  1. michele1218 Says:

    I haven’t gotten my …
    I haven’t gotten my guestbook back yet and the seating chart was perfect! I may do an updated video when I get the guestbook back

  2. jerseygyrl Says:

    Hi Michele, I …
    Hi Michele, I would love to know how your seating chart and guestbook from Etsy turned out. Are you thinking of doing an update video on some of your wedding details?

  3. TheWhisperpink Says:

    wow youre so …
    wow youre so generous :)

  4. TheAshleyb13 Says:

    you were such a …
    you were such a generous bride! i aim to be this way, even though i have until september 2013! can’t wait to hear more details of your wedding to help me plan mine!

  5. michele1218 Says:

    I believe it was …
    I believe it was OPI So many clowns so little time with Essie’s A Cut Above on my accent nail

  6. michele1218 Says:

    get on it!! Your …
    get on it!! Your girls will LOVE them!

  7. MakeUpAndMissJackson Says:

    thats exactly how I …
    thats exactly how I want my wedding to be: same color dress but each girl needs to pick out their own style. love it! you got some excellent gifts, lady!

  8. woodfromthehood100 Says:

    Oh my god
    That ring …

    Oh my god
    That ring, the bracelet, everything must have cost so much!
    That’s so nice 🙂

  9. emilieclarke Says:

    OMG the hanger …
    OMG the hanger idea is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!
    Thanks for the ideas babe. I need to get on this.

  10. michele1218 Says:

    Thank you so much!
    Thank you so much!

  11. michele1218 Says:


  12. Shopah0lic26 Says:

    Wow ur a great …
    Wow ur a great friend. Thosd gifts are amazing!

  13. MsVanity1994 Says:

    Where did you find …
    Where did you find a red eyelash curler!! My Grandma loves red!

  14. MsVanity1994 Says:

    Your wedding pics …
    Your wedding pics are beautiful!!!

  15. E4mily44 Says:

    I LOve your Videos …
    I LOve your Videos im a fan from australia 

  16. michele1218 Says:

    thank you!! I will …
    thank you!! I will definitely give her shop a peak 😉

  17. michele1218 Says:

    i love you more!!!
    i love you more!!!

  18. michele1218 Says:

    thank you!
    thank you!

  19. michele1218 Says:

    Thanks Rachel!
    Thanks Rachel!

  20. michele1218 Says:

    I had 5
    I had 5

  21. michele1218 Says:

    The Cuff
    The Cuff

  22. michele1218 Says:

    I believe they are …
    I believe they are a 7

  23. michele1218 Says:

    Greek / Italian
    Greek / Italian

  24. kcdanagirl Says:

    beautiful eye …
    beautiful eye makeup!

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