Unique Gift Basket Ideas : Spa Themed Gift Baskets

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unique gift ideas Everyone loves a relaxing spa so learn how to make a spa themed gift basket for friends or family in this free video.

Expert: Chrissy Lyons
Bio: Chrissy Lyons has perfected the art of packing having traveled via plane, car and cruise. She loves to travel and has been from Europe to the Caribbean.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

Duration : 0:2:54

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8 Responses to “Unique Gift Basket Ideas : Spa Themed Gift Baskets”

  1. Bearygirlscents Says:

    Wow I love this …
    Wow I love this idea. I know this would be great in combo with Scentsy spa warmers and scents. If you would like to find out how good the combo would be . Find´╗┐ me on Facebook at BearyGirl Scents. Have a great day everybody. ­čÖé

  2. shugochara9909 Says:

    “FEETS IS´╗┐ NOT A …

  3. 1kittykatkats Says:

    hah´╗┐ “get in there …
    hah´╗┐ “get in there you”

  4. 1kittykatkats Says:

    our´╗┐ feetses
    our´╗┐ feetses

  5. 1kittykatkats Says:


  6. divaspotlight Says:

    she was doing a spa …
    she was doing a spa gift´╗┐ basket i believe…so no need for the bat gag thingy..lol..the colors are beautiful and i like the socks because she was going for the foot message theme..

    so will i use..maybe but i will be sure to stick to a theme and a color

  7. tepishane Says:

    the arrangement is …
    the arrangement is kinda okay.´╗┐ ^_^ Sometimes these things don’t need to be neat. The only problem was, she hid the lotion at the back. Yeah, I do like how the colors and things are matched up but I’d substitute a towel for the sock ^_^

  8. AmvexAngel Says:

    Love the way the´╗┐ …
    Love the way the´╗┐ items are matched up and but the arrangement is horrible!

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