Unique Gift Basket Ideas : Arranging Gift Baskets

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unique gift ideas The most important part of a gift basket is the arrangement. Learn how to arrange gift basket products in this free video.

Expert: Chrissy Lyons
Bio: Chrissy Lyons has perfected the art of packing having traveled via plane, car and cruise. She loves to travel and has been from Europe to the Caribbean.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

Duration : 0:1:50

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12 Responses to “Unique Gift Basket Ideas : Arranging Gift Baskets”

  1. alucardcrazyfan Says:

    which three i …
    which three i might i ask.

  2. alwicks Says:

    I just got a …
    I just got a Vinturi Wine Aerator – great gift for a wine lover

  3. posidonass Says:

    the only missing …
    the only missing item in that basket is herself

  4. ccabby Says:

    you forgot to put …
    you forgot to put labels facing the front of the baskets, and always put items so they can be seen.

  5. borodani Says:

    LOL! Nice …
    LOL! Nice observation 😀

  6. kesartgirl Says:

    Only in three …
    Only in three states.

  7. broadcastguy99 Says:

    Wow Nice tips on …
    Wow Nice tips on how to make gift baskets

  8. broadcastguy99 Says:

    Great video I …
    Great video I really love the the look of your gift baskets

  9. amandasmom1024 Says:

    maybe it’s me but …
    maybe it’s me but is’t giving chocolate liquor to a child illegal

  10. CruiseMaster78 Says:

    wow, that is pretty …
    wow, that is pretty.

  11. keirahchandler Says:

    wtf is that toy
    wtf is that toy

  12. JonnyJE Says:

    wow.. lol
    wow.. lol

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