Top 5: Digital Journal’s Top 5 Unique Gift Ideas For Gadget Lovers

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For the geek who has everything, Digital Journal TV presents a gift guide featuring innovative and unique gadgets. Find out what tech can let you send photos from a camera to PC wirelessly, how to juice up your iPhone and which notebook PC takes top spot.

Digital Journal TV — You know the type: the tech fiend who has the latest iPod, the souped-up home theatre, cellphones that complement any wardrobe. It’s hard to buy gifts for this gadget lover because this shopper stays updated on the latest releases and model updates.

But Digital Journal TV is up to the task of profiling gifts ideal for this tricky customer. We not only present some high-profile gadgets winning acclaim this year but also lesser-known products that fill a niche in the tech market.

In no particular order, here are some of the hottest tech gifts to buy this holiday season. Our pick for the Top 5 Best Gadgets is in the video below.

Yes, we have our blooper reel back for all those out there who enjoy watching us mess-up our lines:

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  1. getfreeapple Says:

    try to get an ipad …
    try to get an ipad iphone4 or other apple gadgets for nothing!

  2. Iodine24 Says:

    LOL… lame …
    LOL… lame drumroll!!!!
    Nice work guys…Thanks for posting..

    Bloopers are great!

  3. DoGoodWork Says:

    Very informative. …
    Very informative. Thanks. And the bloopers are fun. : )

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