Holiday Gift Ideas

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unique gift ideas Holiday Gift Ideas. Affordable and unique gifts that will impress without breaking the bank.

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16 Responses to “Holiday Gift Ideas”

  1. SealABag Says:

    Keeping food fresh …
    Keeping food fresh is a great gift for anyone! The Banana Seal can even keep BROWN SUGAR fresh, right in the bag it comes in…check it out on SaveTheBananaSeal website

  2. sensitiveplant Says:

    Great ideas! Search …
    Great ideas! Search Pet TickleMe Plant to grow a real house plant that MoveS and closes its leaves and even lowers its branches when Tickled! This is real

  3. downyourtube Says:

    You heard people …
    You heard people say- “it will never be found”, “it ain’t true”, “it just can’t be”.
    I’m here to tell you these People are wrong- I found it. Using Google Earth –
    I found God’s Watermarks of the REAL Garden of Eden. Look at my Channel and see the short Video I made of it. I didn’t point all of it out either- there are many things still hid for you to find. Come see !

  4. SuperGiftideas Says:

    I agree … who …
    I agree … who can argue with a gift of chocolate? Some nice gift ideas.

  5. parrotcon Says:

    can anybody help! …
    can anybody help! if a family member ask what do u want for christmas, and I say I want this for christmas cause really want it and she says will get it together tuesday after christmas cause the store were close and she dosen’t mention anything about it to me the whole week instead she talks about it with other family members. What does that mean? Do i mention it to her so I can get it or do I say nothing. Is my sister a tease or what word can I use for this situation? p.s. I got my

  6. parrotcon Says:

    P.S i got my …
    P.S i got my sister a gift that she is using it around the house.And also she coming from the us army, don’t worry she not in the front lines.

  7. ELMAERICA Says:

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    We have thousands of profiles for Naughty women

  8. TheLegendaryRikku Says:

    ya this is awful …
    ya this is awful lol and she’s so perky, like stfu 😛

  9. internetmall2 Says:

    i like the cute one …
    i like the cute one gift for children….and the chocolate the favorite for everybody.

  10. makeupFreak17 Says:



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    Heck out the thousands of profiles for Russian man

  12. carolarol Says:

    stop yelling!!!!!! …
    stop yelling!!!!!!!!!

  13. 15CINGIZ Says:

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  14. 95jyotsna Says:

    nice idea
    nice idea

  15. Vilemk0 Says:

    I know another …
    I know another great gift you could give the boy delivering the news paper, lady. o.-

  16. tiffanyrox79 Says:

    i like the little …
    i like the little egg with the plant in it!

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