2014 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

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unique gift ideas I hope you enjoy this video where I share with you two unique graduation gift ideas. Nikki http://www.athomewithnikki.com
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24 Responses to “2014 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas”

  1. Grandma Cheap Cheap Says:

    Great ideas…….. …
    Great ideas………. I have a graduate myself……….

  2. DoItOnaDime Says:

    Oh my goodness, …
    Oh my goodness, Nikki!! What a beautiful, beautiful gift! As soon as I
    saw the binder with the tabs I thought, “What a cute idea, I need to pay
    attention so I can make one for Carson.” And then I saw his little name on
    the side. <3 You are so incredibly kind, and I am so blessed to know you
    through this amazing community. Thank you so much!!! What a treasured
    memory it will be. <3

  3. MsLoraBella Says:


  4. AtHomeWithNikki Says:

    Hope you enjoy the …
    Hope you enjoy the video! Nikki 

  5. KraftyScorpio Says:

    do it on a dime.. …
    do it on a dime..yay

  6. kvloveslv Says:

    Great ideas! Thanks …
    Great ideas! Thanks! 

  7. ThatLadyDray Says:

    Doitonadime is …
    Doitonadime is gonna love that! Any kindergarten graduation gift or party
    ideas? I’d love some input bc I want to make it special esp bc she didn’t
    have a regular kindergarten experience with the multiage program she did so
    well! I will also be asking one other for advice lol bet u can guess who

  8. sentimentalbrowneyes Says:

    Doitonadime is …
    Doitonadime is going to love that. I love it too. My son Daniel just exited
    preschool so it’s a good time for me to start one for him. Alas he doesn’t
    hold still for pictures and has problems with his fine motor skills so I’m
    not sure what I’d put it it. I guess notes from his teacher as he’s also
    primarily nonverbal. Another tough part will be keeping him from taking it
    apart before it’s time to give it to him.

  9. Lyns SussexLife. Says:

    Its Do it on a …
    Its Do it on a dimes Kathryns son.

  10. NaturallyNette Says:

    Definitely do it on …
    Definitely do it on a dime lol

  11. Brenda Lawrence Says:

    Love both of these …
    Love both of these ideas Nikki! I also love the money leis, but I wouldn’t
    want them wearing it at graduation. lol Is it Carson off of Design on a
    Dime/Do it on a Dime, something like that. lol

  12. Dawn Deel Says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the ideas my two oldest boys (not twins one of them got to start
    a year early) are graduating next week from highschool, and they are both
    going to college in the fall so the money flowers would get them started

  13. Lexy Plummer Says:

    Love the notebook …
    Love the notebook idea! Going to start one for my daughter. Even though she
    is seven, it will be a great way to store her memories and a great day
    graduation gift for her when she graduates HS! TFS!

  14. Jamie Stanley Says:

    Kathine from …
    Kathine from doitonadime will love it

  15. Madam W Says:

    Do it on a dime. …
    Do it on a dime. Love her channel!

  16. Aleea Sieben Says:

    aww, you’re so …
    aww, you’re so thoughtful, Nikki. Katherine from Doitonadime is going to
    love that!! you have the best ideas!

  17. Bonnie H Says:

    I just love this …
    I just love this idea I’m going to go through my sons school and field trip
    stuff I’ve saved over the years and put that together he just graduated
    from middle school and on to jr high next year so I think that will be
    special for him at the end of his school journey before college…..thank
    you for sharing.

  18. YOUCTAKINA Says:

    WOW!! This is …
    WOW!! This is Awsome! My son Marquese is graduating from high school this
    year and it’s so exciting! Thanks for sharing Nikki:-)

  19. mamatosh05 Says:

    Both ideas are …
    Both ideas are great! 

  20. Denise Prater Says:

    Kathryn from ” do …
    Kathryn from ” do it on a dime ” And baby Carson is my love bug, and
    Charlie is his daddy, and Luna is his pet dog ! LOL

    I love these ideas, I’m going to start one ( The book like you made Carson
    ) for my grandson Jayden who just graduated from Kindergarten Last
    Thursday, a week ago today. Then My newest grandson Jackson was born 2
    week’s ago Friday.

    Have a wonderful, happy and safe memorial day weekend !

  21. Clista C Says:

    Doitonadime. …… …
    Doitonadime. …….when I saw the colors I knew right away

  22. 68hilaire Says:

    it’s for Katherine …
    it’s for Katherine of Doitonadime. She is going to appreciate this gift.

  23. EEN63 Says:

    Kathryn from …
    Kathryn from DoItOnADime will love that for her sweet Carson! How very
    sweet of you. I’ve always been told money doesn’t grow on trees but
    apparently it grows into beautiful flowers… how fun! Such a lovely gift and
    something of which a girl (or boy) can never have too much!

  24. Celina Svahins Says:

    DoItOnaDime 🙂 Love …
    DoItOnaDime 🙂 Love it! Love you too!

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