The Filtered Network – Mark Zuckerber of facebook buying instagram for $1 BILLION

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best photo sharing “Using Instagram for free isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Paying a billion dollars for it.” -Mark Zuckerberg

Article from by Jennifer Van Grove:

The billion-dollar deal that shook the web took just 48 hours from start to finish, according to inside sources.

Monday, Facebook announced that it was acquiring photo-sharing phenom Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock. The deal, reports the New York Times, was championed by none other than power-player CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and pieced together in record time.

“Less than 24 hours after the ink dried on Instagram’s latest financing round — an investment that valued it at roughly $500 million — Mr. Zuckerberg placed a call to Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s chief executive,” the Times reports.

The story goes that Zuckerberg, Systrom, and their respective companies spent this past weekend ironing out the details before going live with the news Monday morning.

Facebook for its part won’t confirm the insiders’ accounts, but the details match up with an earlier report from Fortune. Sources told the publication that the Facebook-Instagram deal was started only after the beloved photo-sharing startup secured a (still rumored) $50 million round from Seqouia, Thrive, Greylock, and Benchmark.

“I think Facebook panicked,” a person told Fortune. “So it decided to take out the competition before it had a chance to grow even bigger.”

VentureBeat’s friends in the financial community agree. “Facebook’s short-term threat, which could eat into their IPO valuation, was Instagram,” Moor Insights and Strategy president and principal analyst Patrick Moorhead told us when the news broke. “They removed that problem.”

For more background on why Facebook was so desperate to snatch up Instagram at such a high price, just have a look at its S-1.


I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook.

For years, we’ve focused on building the best experience for sharing photos with your friends and family. Now, we’ll be able to work even more closely with the Instagram team to also offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests.

We believe these are different experiences that complement each other. But in order to do this well, we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram’s strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook.

That’s why we’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently. Millions of people around the world love the Instagram app and the brand associated with it, and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people.

We think the fact that Instagram is connected to other services beyond Facebook is an important part of the experience. We plan on keeping features like the ability to post to other social networks, the ability to not share your Instagrams on Facebook if you want, and the ability to have followers and follow people separately from your friends on Facebook.

These and many other features are important parts of the Instagram experience and we understand that. We will try to learn from Instagram’s experience to build similar features into our other products. At the same time, we will try to help Instagram continue to grow by using Facebook’s strong engineering team and infrastructure.

This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users. We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all. But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together.

We’re looking forward to working with the Instagram team and to all of the great new experiences we’re going to be able to build together.


Vid is voiced-over and edited by Dashiell Driscoll, Andy Maxwell, and Funny Or Die

Motion picture courtesy of Sony Pictures.

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[Olympic Games] Share your golden moments with Movie Maker

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best photo sharing Relive the world’s golden moments that happened while history was being made at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Just as the event celebrated the human spirit, celebrate yours with a special highlight reel and the Samsung GALAXY S III.

For an even more personalised video, be sure to caption all your London 2012-related photos with relevant terms such as “London 2012”, “Olympic Games”or the name of the sport!

Create and share your Gold moments video on Facebook now!

Duration : 0:1:48

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Nokia Lumia 800 Uncovered: Facebook Photo Sharing

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best photo sharing The fourth in a series of in depth videos looking at the Nokia Lumia 800 and some of its best features.This video talks about the Facebook integration and how easy it is to take a photo, tag it and share with your friends on Facebook.

A big thank you to the presenters: Edward, from and Iain from

Follow us on Twitter here –
Or connect with us on Facebook here –

Duration : 0:1:16

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Best On Facebook, Macro and Close-up Theme

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best photo sharing Best photos submitted to the page, first week of December, by Mega Members

Duration : 0:5:24

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Best That We Can Be – Paralympics Singapore Theme Song (Instrumental)

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best photo sharing “Best That We Can Be” was a song written because someone asked for it. It was Ms Kelly FAN of the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) who came to one of MTL’s (Musical Theatre Limited) Songwriter Showcases in May 2008. The SDSC hosts the elite sports of the Paralympic Games and this year they are fielding Singapore athletes to Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

This musical composition is inspired by SDSC’s mission and the recognition that “The only diability in this world is not Daring to DREAM”.

Desmond Moey & Roland Ang first created the tune. And on one Saturday afternoon, huddled at Coffee Bean (Waterloo Street) together with Ms Stella KON and Mr CheeTian LEE, they ploughed through the lyrics, tested the sensibility and singability using the powerful BandBox software to complete the song.

Kelly FAN and Jeff ANG of SDSC find the piece carries the spirit of human excellence very well. Hence we now have this lovely song that can inspire many.

The MTL journey with SDSC (and SNPC – Singapore National Paralympic Council) is a “long distance marathonic”. It is just the beginning of a “Music and Motion” mission that will complete the drive toward not only excellence in the Elite Sports, but also the notion that disability is simply a continuum in the scale of human abilities – we do the utmost with our abilities, we be the Best That We Can Be.

For high resolution download of this video, visit

Duration : 0:4:12

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How to create great photo on iPhone with Photo Frame Maker App?

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best photo sharing Click here to get the iPhone / iPad Application:

Photo Frame Maker iPhone / iPad App allows you to combine multiple photos into one frame. This video shows you how to make a great framed photo with this app.

Duration : 0:2:49

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Shared Photo Stream albums via Web, iOS – iOS 6 Preview

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best photo sharing iOS 6 features the creation of special Photo Stream albums to be shared with other iOS users or via iCloud. People can be invited to view your album with a public link or directly on their iOS device. Sharing also supports photo commenting and sharing on other people’s iOS device.

iOS 6 Video Playlist:

Video by Mike Flaminio of Insanely Great Mac. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos! Area of focus includes products from Apple and Apple-related software and accessories. My YouTube channel features content for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Also, check out the weekly podcast The Insanely Great Show for an hour-long discussion of major topics of the week.

Best way to reach me is on Twitter:


RSS Feed




Duration : 0:3:21

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Best iPhone App For Submitting Photos – Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and More!

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best photo sharing

PhotoScatter is the simplest way to send photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch to many of the top photo sharing sites.


1. Select or Take a photo
2. Choose the sites you want to submit to
3. Add a title and description (optional)
4. Submit

Its that easy.

Version 1 of PhotoScatter supports the following sites:

(more coming soon)

You can submit to ALL of the sites above with one click, or only one or two its completely up to you.

Never before has it been this easy to get a photo from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your favorite photo sharing sites.

Hope you enjoy the review,


Duration : 0:6:4

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Tagawa Gardens – Gifts for Pet Lovers

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pet lover gifts TagawaGardens, for, Pet, Lovers, YouTube, sharingTagawa Gardens – Gifts for Pet Lovers

Duration : 0:3:44

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Best Photo Sharing Site

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best photo sharing – In the chat room, Vlogger81 asks what photo sharing service do you recommend?

The answer is pretty simple: use the one that your friends are using!

Which one do you use? I’m on Flickr:

Duration : 0:1:31

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