Christmas Gift Ideas

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christmas gift ideas Hey dolls,

his video is sharing with you some tips to buying some great christmas presents for your friends and familly!

Shorts- Ragged priest at topshop
Shoes- Doc Martens

The song (if there is one) in this video is from

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The Wynn’s Military Christmas Surprise 2011

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military gift My Husband has just returned from Iraq and the kids had no idea that he was home this is their reaction when they figured out that they was getting a different Kind of Christmas Present then they was expecting lol…

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Grad Gift Guide!

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college graduation gifts I know it’s hard thinking of presents to get a new graduate and you just want to take the easy way and give them money or a giftcard. But here are some cute ideas on what to give them that will be helpful for them in college!
Thanks for watching!!

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Unique Diaper Cakes – Baby Shower Gift Ideas For New Parents

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If you’ve never seen a diaper cake, you are in for a treat.
Looking for that perfect gift for a new baby? Of course you want it to be unique and special and one of a kind. Not something you can just pick up at any baby store. Right? Well, You are in the right place. WELCOME to Thirsty Cake.
Diaper cakes are my specialty but I also make sock bouquets, diaper wreaths and nursery decorations. So fell free to explore, comment and ask questions. And if you ever need a custom cake, let me create one just for you and I promise it will be perfect and beyond expectations :o)

Let me quickly explain what a diaper cake is. Well, it is a clever and practical baby shower gift, perfect for every new mom. It’s built of individually rolled or wrapped disposable diapers. After it looks like a cake, then decorating begins. And that is when it gets creative. I add receiving blankets, pretty ribbons, flowers, lots of useful baby care items, bottles, rattles…the sky is the limit.
All Thirsty Cakes are unique and one of a kind. They come in a variety of themes, styles and colors.
An incredible amount of time is spent on the small details. For me it’s not just about rolling bunch of diapers and wrapping them with ribbon. I put my heart to every cake and many customers told me it shows :o)
I plan, design, match and look for that special things I later built the cake with.
Every little detail has to be perfect. I baby each cake to make it beautiful and special.
Customer service and satisfaction is my priority and I make sure that every cake delivers that “wow factor”.
So, there you have it…a practical, unique, 100% usable gift sure to please any new mom.
The next time you’re looking for a creative centerpiece idea for a baby shower, gorgeous hospital gift or a charming decoration for baby’s nursery, consider one of my diaper cakes. Please visit our website and check out what’s in the oven.
Custom cakes can be made just for you.

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Teen Gift Ideas (Christmas Gift Guide)

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christmas gift ideas Hello Kitty Liberty Print sets, £10 and £18:

Soap & Glory Suitcase, £35:

Harajuku Christmas Santa Girl, £11:

ASOS Anatomicals Sets: £3.50 and £9 here:

Urban Decay Book of Shadows, £46:

Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit, £20:

POP Bronzer, £15.50:

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit, £28:

Boots 17 Bronzing Kit, £12:

Skin Art Temporary Tattoos, £14:

Philosophy sets, from £7:

Duration : 0:6:30

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Cute Craft Gift idea for your boyfriend / Girlfriend Ideas: Anniversary

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anniversary gifts ideas Curious?? Want to know what i put in the DVD?? Click the link Below and watch a little clip from the DVD!!

Great Gift idea for your boyfriend Made by You!!
I know it can be so hard thinking of a gift to give your boyfriend some times… so making him a gift that is from the heart will totally make him wanna give you even more kisses!! 😀 Making your boyfriend a Dvd/Cd can be so cute if you’d personalize it with an adorable case! This case was totally inexpensive to make… I used my scrapbook package that i bought at wall*mart for about 5 dollars [on sale]

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**I do not own this song in any way**

Olive You Feat. Kimmi SmilesDave Days
Get this song off iTunes!

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Dog and Cat Gift | Gifts for Pet Lovers | Tips for Buying Presents

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pet lover gifts – Looking for that perfect gift for your dog or cat? Whether you’re looking for a Christmas, Birthday or “I love you” present, here are some general guidelines to make sure that your gift has the warmest reception!

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Marine Wife/GF: Gift Ideas! (Ft. Military girlfriend Angela)

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military gift i get some help from a fellow military girlfriend on ideas for homemade gifts for for military man 🙂
QOTD: What is your favorite thing to send in a care package/what is your husband/boyfriends favorite thing to get from you?

Follow me on my marine wife Tumblr where i actually post blogs, thoughts, and experiences: marinewifeblog
Follow my regular Tumblr: danielletheawesome
Follow my Twitter: @mrsDanieGalindo
Lets be friends on Facebook! 🙂

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5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas.wmv

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anniversary gifts ideas
Traditional Anniversary Gifts: 5 Year Anniversary Present Ideas

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Christmas Gift Videos For Pet Lovers Star Their Own Pets Singing

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pet lover gifts E-card Christmas Gift Videos star any pet lover’s own pet talking/singing to with them a very ‘Merry Christmas”,,,the perfect gift fot anyone who loves a pet.

Duration : 0:1:28

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