Best iPhone apps- Shop Savvy and Word lens

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best shopping apps Part 1- Cool apps that you can use on the iPhone or iTouch. January 2011.

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Top 5 Paid iPod Touch Apps of June 2012

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best shopping apps June 2012 not january 2011 sorry check out there channel for more everything! Their great!!!!!
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The apps in the video are:
1. Ninja Jump Deluxe
2. Shopping Cart Hero
3. Robot Unicorn
4. Plants vs Zombies
5. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Any questions just email me!
Any specific apps you would like a review of just message me!
Any thing else related to questions just message me!
I like constuctive critisism too!!

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*NEW* iPhone/iTouch Top 5 Paid Apps (Feb. 2010)

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best shopping apps
New video and Giveaway! Click here:

This is my first top 5 app for the month of Febuary 2010. Subscribe to see the top 5 apps every month as they come out! Here they are:
5. NBA Hotshot- $0.99 0:42
4. Shopping Cart Hero- $0.99 2:04
3. 2XL ATV Offroad- $4.99 2:59
2. StickBo (Paid Version)- $1.99 4:30
1. Grand Theft Auto- Chinatown Wars- $9.99 5:46

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The Best Time & Money Saving Apps Review

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best shopping apps Summer savings time! If you’re looking for ways to save time and money, there are apps for that. Learn about Google Offers for fans of Groupon, RetailMeNot, a coupon mobile app for the best shopping deals and 30/30, which can help with time management.

For more from Web Tools, go here:

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[Best Apps] and Best [Free Apps] For Iphone Or Computer that Saves Time and Money!

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best shopping apps The [Best Apps] and Best [Free Apps] For Iphone Or Computer that Saves Time and Money! This is this [Best Apps] and the Best [Free Apps] you can download and install in less than a minute on your Iphone or Computer! This is certified with the best software, that doesn’t store your information or contain any adware or spyware. This is the [Best Apps] that you can download for free that will save you time and money when shopping online! If you shop at walmart, ebay, amazon,, and more. You can create your own coupons and instantly find the best deals to save you over $300 a month or more! No cost free apps that are the best apps to save you time and money. When you do a google search, the shopping genie magically appears and instead of you having to go through all those search results, the shopping genie springs into action and automatically find the best deals and the cheapest shopping deals online to save you time and money. This is truly the best free apps for an iphone ipad or ipod touch that you could ever find. its legitimate free best apps that you can download and start using in seconds! Go here to install the free shopping genie app instantly: REMEMBER YOUR CODE!

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Best iPhone App For Submitting Photos – Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and More!

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best photo sharing

PhotoScatter is the simplest way to send photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch to many of the top photo sharing sites.


1. Select or Take a photo
2. Choose the sites you want to submit to
3. Add a title and description (optional)
4. Submit

Its that easy.

Version 1 of PhotoScatter supports the following sites:

(more coming soon)

You can submit to ALL of the sites above with one click, or only one or two its completely up to you.

Never before has it been this easy to get a photo from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your favorite photo sharing sites.

Hope you enjoy the review,


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Best iPhone Apps & Games of 2011

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best photo sharing Best iPhone Apps & Games of 2011

Modern combat 3 is one of the best FPS games on the app store. With well polished graphics and gameplay this is a must if you want an iOS FPS.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown has astounding graphics with some awesome beat em up action. There’s no free roaming but playing as Batman is badass.

Scribblenauts is a popular title which is known for being on the nintendo DS. It’s been ported perfectly to iOS. The gameplay is just suited to the iPhone and it’s creative and imaginative fun it’s great for the whole family.

Jetpack Joyride is a fast paced side scroller with epic items to help take you through the game. Everyone should try it as it’s easy to play and has a fun cartoon action feel that’s hard to put down.

Tiny Tower is a farmville like game, you control a tower and the people in it. Upgrade your tower, add stores and employ your tenants to make your tower the best it can be. This app is free so worth a look. Warning it’s highly addictive.

Fooducate allows you to use your iPhone to scan food labels and determine which is healthy and which isn’t.

Instagram is an excellent photo sharing application which allows you to add sweet effects to your pics. It’s also a mini photo sharing social network and all your favourite social media sites can be connected to it so you can share your photos easily.

Photogene 2 is another great photo app that allows you to do a little extra, make beautiful collages out of your pics and more. Your creations can also be shared to many other sites and even instagram.

Wunderlist is a sleek and simple reminder application. It’s great for organising your list of things to.

Flipboard is a simple and organised app that allows you to easy get the latest news about things you’re interested in. You can choose from a range of topics and also connect your twitter and Facebook account so you can see what is happening on your social media sites while you keep uptodate with the news.

Tiny wings is a fun and relaxed game with simple one-touch controls its great for anyone to pick up and play.

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Top Android Shopping Apps

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best shopping apps – Whether you’re shopping for groceries or the next technological gadget that you have to have, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 shopping apps for Android that are a must if you’re a frequent shopper or just want to find the best deals.

You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here:

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Just Show Me: 3 great shopping apps for the iPhone

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best shopping apps Welcome to Just Show Me on Tecca TV, where we show you tips and tricks for getting the most out of the gadgets in your life. In today’s episode we’ll show three great shopping apps on the iPhone.

Everything from finding deals near you to quickly comparing prices online is easy with these apps on your iPhone:

Best Buy

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