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sports and outdoors What’s your #GameDayRitual? We asked these athletes to tell us what rituals they do to prepare for game time. Share yours with us at !

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We will get in a circle and move from left to right and the captain will get in the center and he will pump everyone up. All of us will yell together to build up the hype and adrenaline.
We can’t cross our bats. Every time we put a bat away you have to line it in a certain spot.
Each game we will run out to centerfield to get the blood flowing. One thing that I do is touch the fence six times exactly.
We always have a cross we do when we jog across the field.
I usually like to pull up one sock just because I think its good luck.
Before my games I have to re-tape my stick. Every game, a clean white stick.
I always put everything on my left foot before my right foot. So I put my left sock on before my right one. Then I put my left shin guard in before my right one.
The one thing we usually do is put on eye black. We let our teammates put it on for us and then we each smear it ourselves. We all have our own style.
One of our team rituals is saying “chicken” whenever we get down. It just brings up our spirits.
When the pitcher pitches it in the dirt we say “We don’t want your dirty ball, no, no!”
I always have to touch the top crossbar before every game.
I started eating watermelon a lot. I feel like if I don’t eat it before I play then I will not do good.
Every time we get two outs in an inning we always signal to each other.
I will drink a lot of water right at noon.
Before every pitch I take off my hat for some reason.
Before I step in the box I always wipe my face with my jersey.
Sometime I just roll my bat and it gives me more confidence.
On game days I don’t drink coffee which is a big sacrifice.
When I run into the dugout after the third inning I always skip over the line instead of running.
Before every pitch I bang my glove three times.
Jam my music as loud as I can.
I have to rub the dirt on my hands.
I take my bat, roll it in my hands, rub some dirt on it, and make sure it is ready for me.
It’s kind of a habit now. So if I don’t do it, I don’t feel right.

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