CNET Update – Facebook, Twitter seek out social shopping

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social shopping
Social-media commerce ramps up as Facebook tests a Buy button and Twitter acquires CardSpring. Meanwhile, Amazon debuts a Netflix-like service for e-books called Kindle Unlimited.

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20 Responses to “CNET Update – Facebook, Twitter seek out social shopping”

  1. KTappleguy Says:

    You are insanely …
    You are insanely hot !!

  2. rabar rizgar Says:

    What any book for …
    What any book for free for the rest of your life? Two words *Torrent sites*

  3. im george Says:

    She’s from Florida …
    She’s from Florida and I guess she is 30

  4. phoeb13 Says:

    I really like her …
    I really like her charm 🙂 

  5. Justin Vader Says:

    I love how she ends …
    I love how she ends these videos with a joke.

  6. Aditya Patel Says:

    I wonder if Bridget …
    I wonder if Bridget actually reads these comments

  7. Rodolfo Cortez Says:

    the public what?
    the public what?

  8. You tried Says:

    I can’t remember …
    I can’t remember the last time I stepped into a public library.

  9. Tim datoolman Says:

    Do people actually …
    Do people actually still go to the public library

  10. dockogugum Says:

    beautiful lady~
    beautiful lady~

  11. Thaddeus Jones Says:

    That public library …
    That public library joke felt like something from Reading Rainbow. I was
    waiting for “But you don’t have to take my word for it”

  12. Gehrig Harris Says:

    2nd comment, pre- …
    2nd comment, pre-301.

  13. Mason Law Says:

    I’m sure they won’t …
    I’m sure they won’t share our credit card… Just use it for research data

  14. Aegys TierOne Says:

    She reminds me of …
    She reminds me of Anna in Frozen!

  15. sergio elsabater Says:

    Seguidme y os sigo …
    Seguidme y os sigo @elsabater

  16. Uthman Baksh Says:

    Still not giving …
    Still not giving Facebook my credit card info!

  17. Lamont Robinson Says:

    Trust issues, …
    Trust issues, profitable organization to a rescue.

  18. betternotknow92 Says:


  19. Felix Fox Says:

    Back off guys, …
    Back off guys, Ms.Carey is mine. I will swoon her with my charming ways. I
    just need to become notably successful and then I may have a chance with
    her. :p

  20. Rahmani Mohamed Elhadi Says:

    Rahmani Mohamed Elhadi
    Rahmani Mohamed Elhadi

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