Good Dogs 1. BZ Fingers Personalized Gifts for Pet Lovers.

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pet lover gifts
Personalized gifts for pet lovers. Fingerless gloves, glittens, mittens, hats, scarves etc.
Excellent artwork! So impressed w attention to details of photos I sent to Elena. She even included fine stitching of wrinkles of my bullies faces. I’ve hardly taken them off since I got them. Don’t need to! Grocery shopping, dog walking….don’t have to remove them to answer phone, use the poop bags, use Kleenex ….these are so fun and highly functional!!! Thank you Elena for such great communication and a really wonderful personalized product! . ~ Adele

She [my nephew’s fiance] just LOVED them and could not believe how much the golden retriever looked like their dear puppy.~ broeber

I was blown away by how much these looked like our dogs!! ~ Mel

The rendition of my dog was spot-on and beautiful! ~ Jenn

They look just like my girls. Love!! Great gift for any dog lover. I wish I could upload a pic! ~ Bethany

When they arrived I took them out of the package and nearly cried! They look so much like my dog. Thanks so much! ~ Shanna
Note: The quality of some images may not be high because these are real pictures I got from my customers.

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