Cats Painting Artwork with Kitty Casso Paint Kit

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pet lover gifts Simba and Kitty, the cats from, paint their own masterpiece paintings using the Kitty Casso paint kit for cats!

Finally, the world’s first NO MESS, NON-TOXIC paint kit for dogs and cats. It’s fun, creative, stimulating and a hit at pet parties. It works for all dog breeds and cat breeds, from puppies to kittens, from pugs to pound puppies and calicos to persians. What a fun and unique pet gift!

It doesn’t matter if you have an agility dog or a lazy dog. Your pet can be the next Pup-Casso or Kitty-Casso.

It’s a pet gift sure to please you or the pet lover in your life. It’s not your typical dog art. It’s an interactive dog game and a great pet exercise.

It’s a pet gift that will make a one of a kind masterpiece for you or the pet lover in your life. You can also turn your pet’s artwork into personalized gifts for you and your pet to wear and share. This unique gift is just good clean fun! And remember, when your pet has finished creating their “masterpiece”, it will be show time…not bath time!

Unleash your best friend’s inner Art-Casso!

Kit includes:-Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint
-Art Paper
-Paw Protectors
-Picture Frame
-Surprise Gift (for your pet, not you!)

Available at

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16 Responses to “Cats Painting Artwork with Kitty Casso Paint Kit”

  1. sp4zzj4zz Says:

    SMH. How …
    SMH. How stupid.

  2. Nigel D'Souza Says:

    I am in love with …
    I am in love with cats after watching your videos. Hey, do you collect any Isle of Man silver bullion cat coins. They got such beautiful cats, a different breed each year.
    I am a beach bum too who loves cats

  3. gretiesmom Says:

    Sorry, too much …
    Sorry, too much work for me (and that’s not counting the clean-up!), However, my kitties have a catio where they can go play or watch birds at will, so they stay pretty environmentally enriched. No bored kitties at our place!

  4. spacestevie2 Says:

    Yeah, its really …
    Yeah, its really nice cleaning all that acryllic paint off the floors, carpets, blankets, beds, chairs and whatever else kitty happened to crawl on. When I first saw this, that’s the vision I got. How are they going to get the paint out of the paws?

  5. lorenisa Says:

    Art is exhausting! …
    Art is exhausting! haha, great results thought 🙂

  6. lbendik6301 Says:

    i wouldnt cover it …
    i wouldnt cover it with plastic….the cats are just squishing it down. it would be cooler if they got their paws in the paint and walked around

  7. 7672547 Says:

    awwwww thats so …
    awwwww thats so cute!
    your kitties are great artists!!!!!!
    Nice product aswell! =0D

  8. YaoiRhea Says:

    Puuuussy Doooodles.
    Puuuussy Doooodles.

  9. rosaccc Says:

    im lovin it man
    im lovin it man

  10. Bristow42 Says:

    I can just see my …
    I can just see my cat just doing a big on the paper. But what is art to a cat.

  11. MrsJohnnyDeppForever Says:

    haha that was cute, …
    haha that was cute, u almost cant see the lazer looked like they were dancing haha lol

  12. madyson3 Says:

    That’s awesome!
    That’s awesome!

  13. Aaronbhkk Says:

    Shh! It’s just my …
    Shh! It’s just my Doodles.

  14. nowiswow Says:

    P.S. Oops. Was …
    P.S. Oops. Was logged in to other account when I left the comment below. Now signed in as nowiswow, which is where you’d done the video response!

  15. TTCRC Says:

    Hilarious. Your …
    Hilarious. Your cats get a lot more involved in moving objects than mine does! He gets bored very quickly unless it’s a live animal.

  16. megavela Says:


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