The Gift Soldier Tribute

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military gift This is a full version of my video. It has pictures and comparisons to our lives compared to a soldiers life in war. The song originally was Far Away by Nickelback but the stupid WMG copyright made me change it. Hope you still enjoy it.

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25 Responses to “The Gift Soldier Tribute”

  1. frostythesn0wman Says:

    I know who it feels …
    I know who it feels to not get any letters from family or friends while you’re on deployment. It honestly was one of the most horrific feelings I’ll ever experience.

  2. thereddog223 Says:

    Thank you sir
    Thank you sir

  3. DCAudioNinja Says:

    I cry when I watch …
    I cry when I watch this. It makes me think of my sister so much who is a pilot in the army and i haven’t seen in 8 months. I miss her so much and hope she comes home unharmed. Thank you to all the men and women. Who where brave enough to step up and protect our freedom. God bless you all

  4. kolkrabe19 Says:

    Sorry, but I think …
    Sorry, but I think you are telling a silly story ! Your son was so proud to be an infantryman, therefore it should be an honour for him to have given all, I mean, if he wanted to give all, then this was the best thing for him to happen. Besides. Iraqis don´t want thugs and murderers in their country ! When you want to visit a country you have to make an application. Did your son have a visa ? No ? Then he was a terrorist. It´s a good thing when terrorists and murderers get killed.

  5. nicksarmymom1 Says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this video!! My son, Sgt. Nicholas Ray Gibbs was a Proud Infantryman in the Army and gave his ALL. He was my best friend, my rock, the ONLY constant in my life, my soft place to fall and God took him from me ~ he was killed in action in Ar Ramadi, Iraq on December 6, 2006. Both of my parents are still alive and I had to bury my ONLY son. NO PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BURY THEIR CHILD. I miss him more & moe every day!!! RIP Sgt. Nicholas Ray Gibbs. Loving you always ~ Mom XOXOXOXOX

  6. Mike14T0 Says:

    as Americans we …
    as Americans we fight for the sake of fighting when our attention is turned away from whats going on at home and not over seas when the politicians are fighting among each other when we should band together under one flag and one leader

  7. MIAVice91 Says:

    “ours is not to …
    “ours is not to question why?, ours is but to do or die!”


  8. Crunnkjuice9777 Says:

    If America has no …
    If America has no army, we have no freedom… Those who are American soldiers defend our freedom.

  9. lilvalentine39 Says:

    @kolkrabe19: …
    @kolkrabe19: seriously dude/chick stfu and go play your video games and think all you want about the war in iraq, fact is you dont know and aint got the balls to get up stop eating cheetos and go through half of what i go through so next time you think of talking trash on some topic so you can impress some hippie dyke at your school or in your housing project remember i gave your mom the right to go stand on the corner get filled up with by sum random stranger and conceive you

  10. TheUsmc78 Says:

    no disrespect to …
    no disrespect to anyone here…but we aren’t exactly fighting for our freedom…mm k..
    as u can see on TV (witch is the last place u should look for news on war) i haven’t seen 1 thing that says we are fighting for our freedom!!! ok!!! we are just over there because of bushes dad getting threatened by the Pakistanis and there leaders and anyways former president bush already had a little grunge on the Afghanistan public)

  11. toologistx Says:


  12. kolkrabe19 Says:

    These kids smile at …
    These kids smile at you murderers b/c they just can´t help it. They smile at any foreigner b/c they are innocent people and they cannot imagine that anyone would want to come to their country to do them harm. But they are learning, it takes some time. When they grow up I hope they will become good snipers and do to you what you deserve.

  13. armyboy1012 Says:

    If you think that …
    If you think that you could make a difference by being a youtube gangster and getting on a tribute video that you dont support….your wrong! If you dont like the way is going down then do everyone a favor.. join up and try and change it or join the taliban and get your killed! I went over and i gave those kids everything i could! the smiles on those kids faces made me keep driving on knowing that those bastards are trying to kill them. Go watch the news some mo

  14. MrJa1259 Says:

    you are truely the …
    you are truely the lovest piece of trash. you sit here on the computer and enjoy all the freedoms that me and all my friends fight for. and criticize me. how dare you. just know next time you want to write something like this that there are people out there that died for what they belied in and thats 10 times more heroic than what you will ever do.

  15. dodgersfn4life Says:

    when the rich wage …
    when the rich wage war,its the poor who die

  16. kolkrabe19 Says:

    None of them died …
    None of them died for freedom.

  17. MyHaggis56 Says:

    Where were you when …
    Where were you when the Towers collapsed while people were jumping from windows and what were you doing when the plane over a field in Philadelphia crashed? Churchill said War is an ugly business and that is true. Our forefathers were fighting for freedom. We are still fighting for freedom.

  18. grannydyess Says:

    thank you for this …
    thank you for this my daughter and mother of my 6 yr old grandson is deployed. a sad holiday season for us. we appreciate this.

  19. susannec5851 Says:

    Yeah what are we …
    Yeah what are we supposed to do? There is nothing else we can do. Read up on the countries history and all of their goverment rules. Our forfathers came here from other countries cause of this exact same thing. Those people dont have that right. So guess what its all we can do. Their own people put landmies in roads long before we got there. Their own people walked into houses and shot people just cause they didnt like them. So grow up who cares our troops do as they are told! thats it!!!

  20. susannec5851 Says:

    ur as dumb as ur …
    ur as dumb as ur father!!!!

  21. susannec5851 Says:

    family go live …
    family go live there and then come back and tell me that they are in the wrong dont think about any of the good they are doing. I have been to places like that and I wittenssed kids being killed. I have been to places where we had to walk with escorts cause its too dangrouse and people might kill us or kidnap us and sell us, I have been there you just dont get what life is about.

  22. susannec5851 Says:

    There is proof that …
    There is proof that that can fly either way big whoop that happend years upon years ago. But to give those kids the hope of growing up is so much more than anything we can offer. We might not always be doing the right thing as a country but what my husband, friends, family, and strangers do to keep children from being rapped, torured, brought up to be man made bombs, sold and all of that… Come on alot of us dont agree with this war but what they do for those kids and families… Could be your

  23. susannec5851 Says:

    So if you lived …
    So if you lived there and they took your kid at a young age then you would be ok with them raising your child to go out put a bomb on themselves just to prove their own point? We are just making an attempt to prove a better point. Everyone has the right to live!!! If you dont belive in that then you should go live there. Yeah Americans have but their noses in places it does not belong but these people do pose a threat to the world not just us the world and not cause of the terrosit attacks there

  24. susannec5851 Says:

    thank you it means …
    thank you it means alot to us who belive all have the right to live. My hubby is deployed thank you for your support. There is so little of it anymore.

  25. susannec5851 Says:

    ice cold water in …
    ice cold water in the middle of winter cause their goverment didnt want to deal with them… OR how about this. Someone decideds to walk into your house cause they dont agree that your not some random religion and kill you and your wife and kids… Is that fair??? That is what its about buddy trust me I know I am way wiser than you when it comes to the truth about life apparently! I know that life is a right no matter what country but you apparently belive everyone should kill each other….

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