MilSO Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (Military & Long Distance Relationships)

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military gift Happy Valentine’s Day!
With little under a month until Valentine’s Day I thought I’d make this video which mainly focusses on gifts for Military and Long Distance Relationships.

Websites Mentioned – The Care Package Crate – Personalized M&Ms – Custom Phone Cases – The Pillowcases – The emails into hardcover book

My Christmas Gift Guide
Also has some cool gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

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I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! xxx Ariana

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  1. Kathryn DiFranco Says:

    This is an amazing …
    This is an amazing video! Im in the Army and was trying to find out what to
    send my husband, thankyou soso much

  2. Crystal Montiel Says:

    Owner of @ …
    Owner of @_siemprefielmilso ❤️
    Love re watching your videos love! 

  3. Ernest Belm Says:

    Aww you’re so cute …
    Aww you’re so cute hash thanks for this video, really helpful (:

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