Military Combat (Battle 360 Season 1 / Dogfights Seasons 1 and 2 / Dogfights of the Future)

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military gift
Product DescriptionIt s an entirely new way to look at warfare. From ferocious battles waged by USS Enterprise, the most decorated aircraft carrier of World War II, to death-defying dogfights involving hero pilots and lethal planes, this 14-disc set from HISTORY uses cutting-edge CGI to plunge you into the actual missions, reproduced with historical accuracy and startling realism.

BATTLE 360 tracks the Enterprise and its men as they fight off the enemy from the air, sea and underwater. You’re in the cockpit as DOGFIGHTS: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE follows these rarefied pilots over the skies of Guadalcanal, Korea, and Vietnam. Fabled fighter jocks from the dawn of dogfighting in World War I to Desert Storm are the top guns in DOGFIGHTS: THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO, while DOGFIGHTS OF THE FUTURE gives a fascinating preview of the next generation of fighter aircraft and tactics.

The ship, the aircraft, the bravery, and most of all, the heroes they’re all here in MILITARY COMBAT.

DVD Features: Additional Footage; Feature-length Pilot Episode ”Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles”; Behind-the-Scenes Featurette ”Dogfights: The Planes”

Programs per disc:
Disc 1: Battle 360 S1, Vol 1: Call to Duty / Vengeance at Midway / Jaws of the Enemy
Disc 2: Battle 360 S1, Vol 2: Bloody Santa Cruz / Enterprise vs. Japan / The Grey Ghost
Disc 3: Battle 360 S1, Vol 3: Hammer of Hell / D-Day in the Pacific
Disc 4: Battle 360 S1, Vol 4: Battle of Leyte Gulf / The Empire’s Last Stand / bonus material
Disc 5: Dogfights S1, Vol 1: MiG Alley / Air Ambush / Bonus
Disc 6: Dogfights S1, Vol 2: Flying Tigers / Guadalcanal / Hell Over Hanoi
Disc 7: Dogfights S1, Vol 3: The Zero Killer / The Last Gunfighter / Death of the Japanese Navy
Disc 8: Dogfights S1, Vol 4: Hunt for the Bismarck / Long Odds / Dogfights Of The Middle East / Bonus
Disc 9: Dogfights S2, Vol 1: Kamikaze / Jet vs. Jet / Thunderbolt / Gun Kills of Vietnam
Disc 10: Dogfights S2, Vol 2: Desert Aces / The First Dogfighters / Luftwaffe s Deadliest Mission / No Room for Error
Disc 11: Dogfights S2, Vol 3: Night Fighters / The Bloodiest Day / P-51 Mustang
Disc 12: Dogfights S2, Vol 4: Dogfights of Desert Storm / Tuskegee Airmen / MiG Killers of the Midway
Disc 13: Dogfights S2, Vol 5: Supersonic / Death of the Luftwaffe / Secret Weapons
Disc 14: Dogfights of the Future

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