Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0350ST – My Bro’s 50th Bday Gift

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military gift I took all of your ideas and suggestions in consideration. Thx SO much! The montage of pix includes most, but not all, of your ideas. Sorry if I missed yours. ­čÖü Ended up getting him a Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0350ST knife. It is more unbelievable than it looks. Bro had similar sized Kershaws but were chewed up from hard use and one had a loose blade. This gift was well needed and he just couldn’t believe how nice it was. He loved it. Thx, Viewers, you made me look good.

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25 Responses to “Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0350ST – My Bro’s 50th Bday Gift”

  1. skullscooter65 Says:

    oh yeah then we got …
    oh yeah then we got the same knife that we like now i m buying a bunch of new kershaws and other knives´╗┐ now .. including a limited kershaw skyline

  2. RoscoeBa Says:

    I handled most …
    I handled most knives in the shop including´╗┐ Benchmade and Spyderco. They just didn’t do it for me and didn’t seem to fit my bro and the type of work he does. Have you ever held a ZT 350?? As soon as I touched it I knew it was the one! Its even top of MY list now too. Guess I’ll have to wait for somebody to buy it for *my* 50th bday. lol

  3. skullscooter65 Says:

    spyderco and´╗┐ …
    spyderco and´╗┐ benchmade are great dude why did you get zt?

  4. SolexWindGuardian Says:

    @Rosocoeba its ok´╗┐ …
    @Rosocoeba its ok´╗┐ thanks anyway

  5. RoscoeBa Says:

    Oh, I see,´╗┐ you …
    Oh, I see,´╗┐ you asked “where”. An old cd that I don’t think I have anymore. Sorry! ­čÖü

  6. RoscoeBa Says:

    It’s not…? …
    It’s not…? That’s´╗┐ what it says in my iTunes…

  7. SolexWindGuardian Says:

    @RoscoeBa negative ´╗┐
    @RoscoeBa negative ´╗┐

  8. RoscoeBa Says:

    It’s called …
    It’s called Infusion (Bombay´╗┐ Mix) by Adham Shaikh. ­čÖé

  9. SolexWindGuardian Says:

    where can´╗┐ i find …
    where can´╗┐ i find this song?

  10. kenshomi2 Says:

    I love the look of …
    I love the look of the knife, but am not sure of the skinning and filet cutting with the curve to it. ´╗┐ Any out there actually use it for meat prep?

  11. killa9599 Says:

    hay roz´╗┐ that’s a …
    hay roz´╗┐ that’s a great knife i am thinking of getting that… i wish you where my sister!

  12. killa9599 Says:

    that’s a great …
    that’s a great knife i am thinking´╗┐ of getting that… i wish you where my sister!

  13. firemedic8144 Says:

    Roz, Your …
    Roz, Your selections were AWESOME!!! What did he say, or what were his comments about the knife? I would love to know. I bet that he still has a smile a mile wide!!! What a great idea going´╗┐ to YouTube to get gift ideas!!!

  14. TheValineurheilija Says:

    No im not in the …
    No im not in the army but all men have to go trough defenceforcetraining here because we dont have a paid army :)´╗┐ I like the scales too ­čÖé

  15. RoscoeBa Says:

    You have´╗┐ an …
    You have´╗┐ an amazing eye for detail! You in the Finnish army, friend? Very cool. When I saw the picture all I saw were those gorgeous micarta scales. …droooool.. ­čÖé

  16. uncoolkid2 Says:

    That’s was nice of …
    That’s was nice of u´╗┐

  17. whaynos Says:

    Not planning on …
    Not planning on grilling up no guts. I hope you still eat the´╗┐ filets!!

  18. RoscoeBa Says:

    Would that be …
    Would that be Rockfish you intend to filet…? You know, being a vegetarian and´╗┐ all, fish guts are still off-limits. Ewwwww!!


    Thanks for the vid. …
    Thanks for the vid. Just´╗┐ sent it to my sister.

  20. whaynos Says:

    Roz, what a great …
    Roz, what a great knife. I’m going camping at the beach this weekend. That knife would come in´╗┐ handy for fileting fish.

  21. joeyjoerocky Says:

    One´╗┐ lucky dude!!
    One´╗┐ lucky dude!!

  22. troy5690 Says:

    I saw at least 2 …
    I saw at least 2 things´╗┐ I am going to google after watching this vid. Thanks Ros.

  23. RoscoeBa Says:

    Thx´╗┐ Billy. The …
    Thx´╗┐ Billy. The song is Alcyone’s Warm and Fuzzy.

  24. RoscoeBa Says:

    I know! I feel like …
    I know! I feel like I hit the´╗┐ lottery getting y’all’s suggestions. We should do this like every Christmas! The song is Alcyone – Warm and Fuzzy.

  25. MrJimbofox Says:

    Good stuff. I bet´╗┐ …
    Good stuff. I bet´╗┐ he was jazzed!

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