Aurora Fire Starter – Magnesium Ferrocerium Striker (Military Outdoor Survival)

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Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific in the USA to be used to start your campfires. The goal was to design and manufacture the best all-around survival fire starter in the world and they have absolutely done it! These New Models are AEROSPACE QUALITY! The Aurora Fire Starter™ is a true survival tool and will work in any environment that will support life! The Aurora Fire Starter has even climbed Mount Everest! Always be prepared! The Aurora Fire Starter™ will start a lifetime of campfires for most users. Two models are now available both equipped with a built-in striking blade and ferrocerium flint steel rod with magnesium within its composition – yielding sparks as hot as 5000 degrees F. Color choice of either silver or black anodized for both models. This standard 440C model comes with our great 440C Fully Hardened Stainless Steel Striking Blade installed that can be flipped over or sharpened if dulled and equipped with a life-time Super Alloy Striking Blade (made from tungsten, carbide, and, cobalt). Great Military Gift!

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6 Responses to “Aurora Fire Starter – Magnesium Ferrocerium Striker (Military Outdoor Survival)”

  1. atavisticempire Says:

    vasaline on …

    vasaline on these balls”

  2. ViolentKisses87 Says:

    Pretty nice however …
    Pretty nice however I would have preferred a thicker rod and a thinner case wall.
    Less weight + more sparks + less chance of the rod breaking when striking.

  3. LonelyStreetProd Says:

    Thanks man. Check …
    Thanks man. Check the top of the video, I have an annotation for the mistake. Thanks though.

  4. Chambelona59 Says:

    Hi, you mentioned …
    Hi, you mentioned the case being “Stainless Steel”… I believe it’s Aircraft grade Aluminum, not Stainless S.
    Thanks for the vid.

  5. LonelyStreetProd Says:

    Tinder does not …
    Tinder does not need much of a spark to light it so the rod should last a long time. But to answer your question, the rod is not replaceble, but you can specially order one by request by contacting them on there website. So there is a way of getting a new rod, instead of buying a whole new unit.

  6. shysterlicious Says:

    I know that the rod …
    I know that the rod will last a long time. But should you be in a position to use it significantly and over time it dissipates, must the whole apparatus be discarded or is the rod replaceable? Just wondering.

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