The Strokes – Games

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games The Strokes’ 4th album.

Duration : 0:3:54

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25 Responses to “The Strokes – Games”

  1. sonalee123 Says:

    We do live in an …
    We do live in an empty world indeed.

  2. ccore95 Says:

    I can honestly say …
    I can honestly say The Strokes are my favorite band of all time

  3. Supuhfuzz Says:

    You’re right. There …
    You’re right. There are a bunch of people at my school who pretend that they like the Beatles so they can look like they have a knowledge of older music. I like most of their songs that I’ve heard and so do most of their real fans, don’t feel bad for not liking a lot of their songs.

  4. Sioucify Says:

    i believe is …
    i believe is Veridis Quo with S.. my dear friend 🙂

  5. n2extreem Says:

    @normskone youre …
    @normskone youre nuts

  6. Dimitris Koutrellis Says:

    The brothers of …
    The brothers of Mars Volta

  7. StamfordLegend Says:

    Since when does …
    Since when does liking the Beatles make you look like a hipster? They are about as mainstream as it gets.

  8. katiagr25 Says:

    I love games :D
    I love games :D

  9. normskone Says:

    Haha, I like a fair …
    Haha, I like a fair few Beatles songs, I wont lie, but I do think they’re terribly overrated.

  10. stoogle01 Says:

    yeah but he should …
    yeah but he should be bringing that point up on a beatles video on youtube… if he’s got an opinion about the strokes, lets here it.

  11. ccore95 Says:

    Such a chill song
    Such a chill song

  12. MrDiaz411 Says:

    This is not the …
    This is not the band you are looking for.

  13. TheJeusiele Says:

    Ótima música! *o*
    Ótima música! *o*

  14. ericmsandoval Says:

    Beginning of this …
    Beginning of this song sounds like Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3.

  15. JiS01 Says:

    This is a song by …
    This is a song by The Strokes. The Beatles are not here.

  16. lopeza121212 Says:

    That’s your opinion …
    That’s your opinion, but anyone would be so stupid to act as they like the beatles, just to be cool.

  17. donofdoom Says:

    I wouldd rather …
    I wouldd rather listen to the smiths than the Beatles. Johnny Marr and Morissey, true revolutionaries.

  18. ItsTheCos Says:

    I agree, but I …
    I agree, but I don’t think that’s an insult.

  19. TheVeNDeTa2010 Says:

    Still tried singing …
    Still tried singing this song without the lyrics ^^

  20. LoathersGonnaLoathe Says:

    not sure why this …
    not sure why this guy got so many downvotes? i agree with him, beatles have a few really good songs, but they are extremely overrated. ton of bands out there that are MUCH better. dont kill a guy cause he has an opinion, so what if he doesnt like them.

  21. LoathersGonnaLoathe Says:

    i thought angles …
    i thought angles was gonna suck but after i gave it a few listens, its a really good album
    still the worst by the strokes though

  22. zillatattoo Says:

    Fucking ‘A’!!!!!!!! …
    ‘A’!!!!!!!! mine too.

  23. zillatattoo Says:

    yeah, i mean the …
    yeah, i mean the beatles are no lady ga-ga or katy perry, true genius’. The only people who dont like the beatles like country music and other nonsense bullshit “music”.

  24. ThinCrustPizza67 Says:

    1:46-3:53 is my …
    1:46-3:53 is my favorite part of the whole “Angles” album…

  25. Nexusire Says:

    yeah this is true …
    yeah this is true everyone just “assumes” the beatles are amazing BECAUSE of their legacy but if you really pay attention to their musical talent they’re nothing special, they were just revolutionary for their time- that doesnt make them good to listen to now..

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