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games Album Born To Die Out Now Worlwide

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SPECIAL THANKS TO Tim van den Hoff ( and Andrew Livingston whose films inspired this video.

Super-8 footage courtesy of Tim van den Hoff (
Super 8 “Summer 2007” footage courtesy of Andrew Livingston
Downtown Los Angeles Anamorphic Super 8 Footage and Hollywood Sign Anamorphic Super 8 footage courtesy of Ryan Weight
inside Chateau Marmont footage courtesy of John Harrier Jr.
Hollywood Blvd. footage courtesy of CDD TV: &
Timelapse Flower Compilation footage courtesy of Vespi TV (vespitv62)
California 08: Super8 film footage courtesy of Chris Gavin
Sahara Hotel Las Vegas 1958 “Blue in Green” footage courtesy of Dylan King
Sunset Strip footage courtesy of Jeff Caffrey (StarsDork
Chateau Marmont footage courtesy of Anthony Palmiere
Golden Globes After Party footage courtesy of X17

True Artists

Duration : 0:4:50

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24 Responses to “LANA DEL REY-VIDEO GAMES”

  1. PANMLODY123 Says:

    Fan from Poland <3 …
    Fan from Poland <3 <3 <3 She’s so preety.

  2. Music4ILive Says:

    aww I wish she saw …
    aww I wish she saw this :3

  3. rabbitstayla Says:

    YOU ROCK !
    YOU ROCK !

  4. romilamuzik Says:

    It’s amazing the …
    It’s amazing the way that she makes my feelings fly.

  5. SimplySimbi Says:

    Video Games is …
    Video Games is still -THAT- song! <3

  6. Fr3shPrince09 Says:

    Shes referring to …
    Shes referring to Satan in this song.

  7. Stud328 Says:

    Its definitely …
    Its definitely people like Lana that need to hear they are beautiful. You did a big service to the world, I think she would have hung herself if you did not tell her shes beautiful.

  8. MissFelicia1000 Says:

    ai scris bine ! 😀 …
    ai scris bine ! 😀 si eu sunt un mare fan 🙂

  9. piefacexox Says:

    *giggle* you’re a …
    *giggle* you’re a cunt.

  10. Rolltide313 Says:

    If you watch the …
    If you watch the interview where she talks about her inspiration for writing this song, you can feel all her emotions through the lyrics. Absolutely beautiful.

  11. Louise de Winter Says:

    I am totally …
    I am totally caught up in this 🙂

  12. Lana Del Rey GreekFans Says:

    Hi There! Check …
    Hi There! Check out my channel to listen her music! Love her!

  13. ahahah547 Says:

    any compliment …
    any compliment would lessen this wonderful song! i just spent five minutes in pure heaven <3

  14. Kermand0 Says:

    This isn’t her …
    This isn’t her account.

  15. tinkypinkywinky111 Says:

    The amount of …
    The amount of emotion she puts in her music allows the listener to feel all the emotions with her as you listen to the song. She’s so authentic, favorite song for sure.

  16. imabee1014 Says:

    I love u whin r u …
    I love u whin r u planing to come to austin

  17. Matías Gonzalo García Says:


  18. AsanoT2 Says:

    Губы ей безпонтово …
    Губы ей безпонтово сделали.

  19. sanfernando15 Says:

    i am in love with …
    i am in love with the vintage clips at the beginning

  20. Willame Sousa Says:

    acostumei com essa …
    acostumei com essa música.

  21. JustAnotherBlackDude Says:

    Mine was on the …
    Mine was on the 17th.

  22. ebut100uoy Says:

    We put out the …
    We put out the album digitally and at first she wanted it “R-A-Y” and then we did one version of it that way, and then she wanted to change it to “R-E-Y” so that was now the third name we were using to promote that artist. Shortly after that, her and her new manager came in and said “We want to get this off the market. We’re going for a completely new deal. We’ll buy you out of the deal.” So we made a separation agreement.

    So that’s why it never came out.

  23. ebut100uoy Says:

    They literally …
    They literally insisted. That’s in the contract. We can’t have any reference to it anywhere. They were following up on it weekly, “Oh, there’s an obscure website in outer-Mongolia that still has a reference to it, can you tell them to pull it down.” We did. We took it off iTunes and never released it as a hard CD. When I read that it was shelved, that borders on libelous. It’s annoying.

    David Nichtern

  24. ebut100uoy Says:

    “I think Lizzy Lana …
    “I think Lizzy Lana owns it, so wanted it out of circulation. That’s why they bought the rights from them,” Kahne says. “I think she wanted to be Lana Del Rey and didn’t want to be Lizzy Grant. That was her family name, and she’s very dramatic. She wiped [out] this other person. I think she actually thinks that she’s that other person, and she probably is. So that was the decision that she made, that she didn’t want traces of that whole person around,as far as I can tell”

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