IGN Reviews – Batman: Arkham City Game Review

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games IGN gives its video review on the latest Dark Knight game Batman: Arkham City . Does Batman do the DC Comic brand proud?

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25 Responses to “IGN Reviews – Batman: Arkham City Game Review”

  1. MadmanSam14 Says:

    Thumbs up if you …
    Thumbs up if you played this game thousands of times, but loved it SO much, you came to watch this review anyway.

  2. chozz85 Says:

    @blairwitchprojects …
    @blairwitchprojects Yes it does

  3. spidey8vader Says:

    I’ve heard that’s a …
    I’ve heard that’s a fake rumour. rocksteady themselves said they weren’t making the game last time I checked. of course they could have been lying, but I doubt it.

  4. spidey8vader Says:

    sort of. you can …
    sort of. you can free roam around the arkham city district, but you can’t free roam around all of gotham. also, you can’t use the batmoblile/plane to get around, only a glide cape, an grappel gun.
    still it’s pretty fun to go around the arkham city district and the cape and grappel gun allow fast transportation.

  5. blairwitchprojects Says:

    does this game have …
    does this game have free roam in it?

  6. Gooderz21 Says:

    Rocksteady need to …
    Rocksteady need to get their together and make that rumoured Ninja Turtles game!

  7. BigCats262 Says:

    I hate that …
    I hate that Batman’s cape was blue in this game. It should’ve been black :/

  8. BigCats262 Says:

    its better on PC …
    its better on PC because you can use mods

  9. agentringer Says:

    You just watched a …
    You just watched a fucking review of it do you really need to ask

  10. agentringer Says:

    Amazing Spider-Man …
    Amazing Spider-Man sucked too it just became nothing but fighting robots

  11. Waxxent Says:

    Is it worth …
    Is it worth getting to pc? Please respond someone

  12. Zetsubou12345 Says:

    greg miller is a …
    greg miller is a CUNT!

  13. master2dope Says:

    its overated yes …
    its overated yes its good but not goty good

  14. Waxxent Says:

    Is this as fun on …
    Is this as fun on PC as on Xbox 360 or PS3? pls respond

  15. darknessseess64nin Says:

    GUYS for the next …
    GUYS for the next batman game I want Gotham city as my playground I want to be Bruce Wayne and be rich and famous, of course being Bruce Wayne should be optional cuz some people want get right to the batman segments cuz they’re more action oriented. And when im batman I want to be able to explore Gotham city FULL SIZE not chopped down… if it is possible of course.

  16. BigCats262 Says:

    I’d call it semi …
    I’d call it semi dark”ish” purplish blue… Cause that’s what it is

  17. tyson2367 Says:

    You also seem to …
    You also seem to use troll like its your favorite word dumbass

  18. ComicLoverBoyPLN1996 Says:

    why are you …
    why are you talking to me?

  19. MrRallemulle Says:

    You truly are a …
    You truly are a douchebag.

    Have a good day.

  20. MegaMartinrules Says:

    This game looks …
    This game looks sick but a little too many bosses

  21. TheDemon2882 Says:

    they’re also the …
    they’re also the words of a 12 year old dumb as troll that started a fight over the graphics of a game, get a life you troll

  22. BigCats262 Says:

    I say those words …
    I say those words to describe because…. It’s fitting!

  23. TheDemon2882 Says:


  24. tyspyranger Says:


  25. tyspyranger Says:

    click “show the …
    click “show the comment” to start an adventure

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