Classic Game Room – L.A. NOIRE review

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games Classic Game Room reviews L.A. NOIRE for Playstation 3 from Rockstar Games and Team Bondi (also available for Xbox 360). This Grand Theft Auto meets CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) like videogame takes place in 1940’s Los Angeles with the rad cars and film noire style from the era. This CGR video review of LA Noire has L.A. Noire gameplay from L.A.Noire on the PS3 Playstation 3 showing driving, crime scene investigating and shooting mayhem in ’40s Los Angeles. CGR video review of L.A. Noire game play shows HD visuals and how to interrogate, read facial expressions, borrow vehicles and throw crooks in the slammer!

Duration : 0:6:35

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24 Responses to “Classic Game Room – L.A. NOIRE review”

  1. Lewis Miller Says:

    Are you stupid lol? …
    Are you stupid lol? Nah just kidding you think that Rockstar could make that POS game?

  2. Jacob Skinner Says:

    No, because Saint’s …
    No, because Saint’s Row is a direct competitor to the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar would not own it because they would be ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ profit wise, constantly competing with themselves for fans. Not like Rockstar cares about it’s fans, anyway.

  3. TheInsidiousArtiste Says:

    I forget: Is …
    I forget: Is Saints Row the Third from Rockstar??

  4. TheCristeo Says:

    Dont say…(Im not …
    Dont say…(Im not critcizing you and sorry for my bad english)

  5. gandhimaster Says:

    ah so there is a …
    ah so there is a logic? Thanks for the reply, it is so frustrating getting it wrong all the time!

  6. AlbyDeutch Says:

    With a lie, you …
    With a lie, you have to have evidence to back up your claim, with a doubt, you don’t; you just push them.

  7. gandhimaster Says:

    has anybody …
    has anybody actually worked out difference between doubt and lie yet? Still doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. Broyale26 Says:

    Can I rape people …
    Can I rape people in this game?

  9. machitacaliente Says:

    is there mountains …
    is there mountains and green in the game?

  10. Tom Ranold Says:

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  12. AgentGustavo Says:

    Can you shoot …
    Can you shoot people on the streets?

  13. UndeadGamingCA Says:

    I mean if you get …
    I mean if you get past the naked dead bodies and are mature enough to handle everything else I guess. So yes a MATURE teen can play this.

  14. eskimobob138 Says:

    Just out of …
    Just out of question, how?

  15. RainXinn Says:

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  16. ACTUALLYrussell Says:

    shittest review …
    shittest review ever hope you die.

  17. MBCthunderstruck Says:

    Did I ever tell …
    Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

  18. DjFreshmatic Says:

    I haven’t played …
    I haven’t played the game hours on end. I’ve played it, maybe a maximum of half an hour to an hour. I got really bored with it, you keep doing the same thing over and over again… not really my cup of tea.

  19. ryanisagamer1106 Says:

    well thats only if …
    well thats only if you play it for hours on end, if you play it in short bursts, its fun

  20. George Patton Says:

    why not all three?
    why not all three?

  21. TheGamerPro248 Says:

    you can find John …
    you can find John Marstons hat from Red Dead Redemption in a trash can somewhere

  22. TheGamerPro248 Says:

    awesome game i play …
    awesome game i play 1940s music when i play it

  23. antgarcia62 Says:

    4:15 derp
    4:15 derp

  24. sungod60 Says:

    l.a. noire reminds …
    l.a. noire reminds me of grand theft auto when you take a car

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