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games Part 1 of 2. Watch in High Definition. Classic Game Room reviews MORTAL KOMBAT vs DC UNIVERSE for the Xbox 360 video game console, MK vs DC is also available for Sony Playstation 3 PS3. This Mortal Kombal vs DC Universe review features gameplay footage from the game in HD. This is an awesome fighting 3D fighting game, no way around it. From Midway, Warner Bros. and DC Comics comes this bizarre yet enjoyable combination of the Mortal Kombat franchise and the DC comic book characters like Superman, Batman, Lex Luther, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Catwoman. The Mortal Kombat characters that you know and love are here for mortal combat including Raiden, Sonya Blade, Jax, Scorpion, Sub Zero and Liu Chang. Which universe will you choose to fight in? That’s the beauty of this game, fight a parallel storyline with one of two opposing sides. The writing in this game is campy, impossible and awesome. Fatality moves for Mortal Kombat and DC characters are in the game, and although the violence has been toned down a bit with DC Heroic Brutality (seriously??), the Fatality moves are fun to watch and nicely rendered in 3D animation. In many ways this is a superior game, Mortal Kombat vs. Soul Calibur IV or Virtua Fighter 5… who wins? CGRHD likes this game better, short and easy to memorize button combos, great gameplay and that awesome mixture of DC and MK characters. One of the better fighting games out there for the 360 and PS3. Classic Game Room HD reviews new games with a respect for the classics, and classics with a love of old school gaming.

Duration : 0:8:4

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23 Responses to “Classic Game Room HD – MORTAL KOMBAT vs DC UNIVERSE review 1”

  1. Illumirage Says:

    Do a Soul Calibur …
    Do a Soul Calibur vs. Capcom vs. Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat vs. DC vs. Tekken vs. Killer Instinct vs. Megaman vs. Smash Brothers. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.
    But mainly for the Killer Instinct characters, that franchise needs to be resurrected, I’d love to people up with Glacius and Fulgore again.

  2. Ethan Bruce Says:

    du hast
    du hast

  3. anssi arvola Says:


  4. JakeHerman10 Says:

    KHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shut up or ill gut you lol

  5. 9608699 Says:

    Im probably the one …
    Im probably the one who says this but as a mk fan I HATED THIS GAME! Character roster disappointed me,,story sucks,gameplay changed from the other ones. Im actually glad midway doesn’t own mk anymore

  6. Forsak3nMoDz Says:

    Street fighter will …
    Street fighter will lose in a sec street fighter u weak dbz is better

  7. Forsak3nMoDz Says:


  8. gburton100 Says:

    dc vs street …
    dc vs street fighter would be a better a crossover then this but i think a much better crossover for street fighter is dbz caz there powers is simialier except the street fighter characters can’t fly but marvel vs mk of alot better caz marvel is not scared to kill people.

  9. gburton100 Says:

    this crossover so …
    this crossover so random nobody thought of this crossover

  10. Alex Smith Says:

    It’s an ok game… …
    It’s an ok game…yet I wish marvel was in this game and dc was with street fighter. I love marvel and hate DC, and I love mortal kombat but don’t really like street fighter a lot

  11. Hektino Says:

    What!? You cant …
    What!? You cant play superman?

  12. dragoncommander92 Says:

    Its a crappy game, …
    Its a crappy game, and he makes it look good

  13. bat353 Says:

    6:27 Smurfs!!!!!!
    6:27 Smurfs!!!!!!

  14. theweirdlolcompany Says:

    Shut up or ill gut …
    Shut up or ill gut you

  15. mekman4 Says:


  16. Monogryme Says:

    I have no idea how …
    I have no idea how but I was not. What were you not … erhm … Subscribed to your awesome, best of the net or any other reviewing panels be it online or magz (yes I used a ‘Z’ ). Aenywhoot … Love your reviews. Did I meantion that you were the best of the net + ?

  17. MoShThe69 Says:

    1:12 new record
    1:12 new record

  18. Anthony Boyden Says:

    At the end is a …
    At the end is a nice presentation of how i feel fighting against shao kahn in the arcades when the joker yells. 🙂

  19. Anthony Boyden Says:

    it’s …

  20. jaimez981 Says:

    they should make …
    they should make MK vs Marvel

  21. MrDp115 Says:

    “Shut up or i’ll …
    “Shut up or i’ll gut you” badass quote

  22. shadowhand0 Says:

    @ …
    @strawberrychewitgum, you can actually get a New iPad for Free, simply try to google for:

    My 18 years brother just received one this morning, couldn’t beleive my eyes!!!!

  23. Joseph giovionna Says:

    i like how the …
    i like how the punching sounds on this game its crisp and clear

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