Why Is Coby Electronics NOT Honoring Warrantees?

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electronics Coby electronics seems to have quietly gone out of business over the summer. Or rather, the original company is gone and a whole new entity has taken over the name and the product. But it seems customers who bought Coby products aren’t getting their warranties honored. Will the new company, Gordon Brothers Group, provide customer care and service? …don’t hold your breath.

Kim Horcher and Ross Lincoln (Writer, GameFront.com) discuss.

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25 Responses to “Why Is Coby Electronics NOT Honoring Warrantees?”

  1. mochalex Says:

    Buyer’s remorse.
    Buyer’s remorse.

  2. Cissi Says:

    Yet another example …
    Yet another example of how only those with the money have rights. Disgusting.

  3. Konohanburoot Says:

    cool story bro.
    cool story bro.

  4. MrApophis666 Says:

    Think really hard …
    Think really hard before you buy anything. I’m very disillusioned with the crap manufactured these days. Being a pc repairer I make my money by fixing poorly made electronics but at the same time really disgusted at what I’ve seen.

  5. reaper4131 Says:

    i have a Coby Mp3 …
    i have a Coby Mp3 player and it still works like a charm

  6. BroGamerReviews Says:

    Get out.
    Get out.

  7. BroGamerReviews Says:


  8. 1oooga1axi3s Says:

    glad i never bought …
    glad i never bought Coby brand stuff, from my impression it’s about flea market quality

  9. NeccoWecco Says:

    Shady american …
    Shady american politics haha

  10. bamboo4tameshigiri Says:

    Amen to that.
    Amen to that.

  11. Konohanburoot Says:

    This guy is better …
    This guy is better than Tim.

  12. Andrew Elliott Says:


  13. Maguel83 Says:

    You are welcome to …
    You are welcome to move here 🙂 But many say that our language is the most difficult language in the world 😛

  14. Fafnd Says:

    And that’s why …
    And that’s why vulture corporations have to be destroyed, Kim.

  15. Fafnd Says:

    The more and more I …
    The more and more I hear of Finland, the more I want to learn the language and move there.

  16. ThousandSunAnger Says:

    Yeah, it’s dickish, …
    Yeah, it’s dickish, but I just assumed there was something unspokenly “buyer beware” about buying Coby products to begin with.

  17. AnAverageMusician Says:

    pretty much.
    pretty much.

  18. Demov12 Says:

    Ross has been …
    Ross has been slowly absorbing that table. xD
    Every-time he has his hand like that.

  19. Maguel83 Says:


  20. Maguel83 Says:

    Illegal in Finland.
    Illegal in Finland.

  21. rasnac Says:

    So, as I understand …
    So, as I understand from this story, in U.S. you have no consumer rights laws and consumer rights courts.

  22. Bevin Warren Says:

    In Australia this …
    In Australia this is Illegal

  23. roush26 Says:

    I have a Coby MP3 …
    I have a Coby MP3 player for like 3 years now.

  24. MonCappy Says:

    I think the …
    I think the practices of vulture capitalists should be outlawed. Additionally, if you buy the assets, you should be required to buy the liabilities as well. You can’t have one without the other.

  25. jupitersamjk Says:

    KIM IS HOTT!!!!!!! …
    KIM IS HOTT!!!!!!!!!

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