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electronics Electronics…. from tube to transistor.

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  1. Proaudiostore Says:

    where did you find …
    where did you find this movie?I bet its at least 15 year old by the judge of the computer :)))

  2. osityan Says:

    Great video Thanks!
    Great video Thanks!

  3. kdc43 Says:

    Translate that …
    Translate that into English please.

  4. kdc43 Says:

    How old is this vid …
    How old is this vid, 20-25 years old? And why all the Word Salad Semantics? But other than that it is a good vid.

  5. VitalElectrocomp Says:

    Excellent !!

    Excellent !!


    Google Vital Connectors

  6. INGRACEify Says:

    in the intro the …
    in the intro the dog is so funny

  7. Sexualeddrbob Says:

    Uninformative at …
    Uninformative at all look on my channnel at my vids way better…

  8. agent008chico Says:

    In my limited time …
    In my limited time exposed to electronics this is one of the best explanations I ever had on transistors. If finally made me understand.

  9. pfloydguy Says:

    wow, amazing …
    wow, amazing explanation. Thanks.

  10. rpttc Says:

    Its a great work …
    Its a great work my friend, the topics you have described are realy a great help for beginers. thanks a lot for nice work.
    Keep it up

  11. yousini Says:

    haha suckers i can …
    haha suckers i can pause the video, have more than few seconds now

  12. MJLaukala Says:

    For all you guys …
    For all you guys having trouble remembering the table or are still looking of a “cheat sheet”, I wrote a free program to help you out. Here is the link to the quick tutorial on how to use the program. The download link is in the description. youtube.com/watch?v=nolRA9ZmK-U

  13. xXDominoXx Says:

    the transistors in …
    the transistors in chips are used to form logic gates, which preform the actual math involved in computing.

  14. MSTLOM Says:

    The arrow in a …
    The arrow in a schematic of a Transistor or Diode drawing is not really to indicate current flow. The arrow is just to indicate the Anode(+) and Cathode(-) aspects of the Semiconductor. This helps the Technician see how the Semiconductor is Forward or Reverse Biased.  It just so happens that the arrow points in the direction of “Conventional Voltage Flow” while “Conventional Current Flow” is the reverse direction,. from Cathode to Anode. This is for those who seek clarity is all.

  15. happygamestvfun1 Says:

    2 dolors for a …
    2 dolors for a microprossesor mine cost 400 bucks!

  16. happygamestvfun1 Says:

    waht bout ben …
    waht bout ben frklin?

  17. maddogmcrae Says:

    What’s really cool …
    What’s really cool is that David Stringer is still around, doing his “stuff”. I accidentally stumbled across his website:

    He is literally a “Jack Of All Trades.”

  18. acmeschool Says:

    Try Googling ” …
    Try Googling “regenerative receiver” for your feedback coil. You might prefer “crystal radio” to that, though, and searching “transistor amplifier” comes up with lots of good circuits. Good luck!

  19. tiputipu0052 Says:

    Such wonderful …
    Such wonderful information.im trying to make a simple transistor radio.but so far i couldnt..i dont have radio amplifiers like MK484 or else.im trying to make 5 transistor as a darlington pair(simple NPN 2n3904).when i play the circuit with LED in it.it becomes very sensitive.but when i attach inductor capicitor to it.it doesnot gives any audio output.please explain where can i put the tank circuit (to base?) and also explain what is a feedback coil.what does it do,where to put it at collector?

  20. VeXorian1337 Says:

    This study takes …
    This study takes years… you can’t just “find real instructions”….

  21. ajittffcure Says:

    Very interesting …
    Very interesting and entertaining session.

  22. gmcjetpilot Says:

    What year was this …
    What year was this made… based on the computer, the video quality I am guessing late 1980’s may be early 1990’s? He used an encyclopedia? ha ha.
    Who is the teacher… I swear he looks a little like me… I feel sorry for him… ha ha.
    I have a Mech engineering degree but electronics is my hobby. I restore tube radios and solid state radios and amps. I enjoy hearing how different people describe the basics. This is pretty good overview. Thumbs up.

  23. acmeschool Says:

    I’m not sure these …
    I’m not sure these days, but if you google Jeri Ellsworth, she’s a young woman who has designed chips. There my be something that you could learn from her story.

  24. pon4iks Says:

    I am very thankfull …
    I am very thankfull for your lectures and demonstrations, your explanations are quite easy to understand (ofc if you have some base knowledge) so i hope i see more of your vids soon 😉 Good luck to you.

  25. IraqMesopotamia Says:

    The robot is the …
    The robot is the funny part from this video

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