Collin’s Lab: Electronics Tools

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Get geared up for circuit-making- check out Collin’s list of tools no electronaut should be without!

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25 Responses to “Collin’s Lab: Electronics Tools”

  1. thegoodhen Says:

    just place the …
    just place the solder, soldering iron and the stuff you wanna solder very close together; make sure you warm everything up with the solder. Apply heat. Boom, done. Don’t mess this up and you’ve just learned to solder.

  2. 1pcfred Says:

    What? No spudger?
    What? No spudger?

  3. hulago1234 Says:

    i said ‘too’ …
    i said ‘too’ dependent. A worst case scenario.

  4. kdc43 Says:

    What? Tools unlocks …
    What? Tools unlocks creativity so we can be even more creative.

  5. cytokinesis55 Says:

    get your own …
    get your own channel

  6. hulago1234 Says:

    too dependent on …
    too dependent on tools sometimes makes us less creative…

  7. Films4You Says:

    That’s because …
    That’s because they only have poor quality tools; LOL

  8. Richiezhang880 Says:

    I like tools among …
    I like tools among other things with personality. 🙂

  9. linutas Says:

    just get a proper …
    just get a proper soldering iron that has a normal tip , not a huge one and get something to clean the tip and thats the secret to soldering, when i had an awful soldering iron and the tip was dirty all the time i gave up.

  10. hmpl55 Says:

    great video man!
    great video man!

  11. albertroswell Says:

    where to buy a …
    where to buy a maginifing visor?, not listed in makershed 🙁

  12. hockeycardcollecters Says:

    are tools spose to …
    are tools spose to…

  13. bogdanrech Says:

    Your videos are …
    Your videos are home for me. Thank you Collin!

  14. Depwl9992 Says:

    Metcal’s what I …
    Metcal’s what I use at work. Awesome iron, though I like it best because it has such a short tip length. Not great at tight spaces, and they get kinda hot after a lot of constant use, but the amount of control you get outweighs these problems many times over. Too long a tip kills accuracy.

  15. djchannelofcool Says:

    Thank You Mr. …
    Thank You Mr. Cunningham

  16. datalime Says:



  17. stubryanfull Says:

    dude your videos …
    dude your videos and knowledge has helped me build many things

  18. cocacolafan98 Says:

    7:50 robocop is …
    7:50 robocop is back….

  19. Auqamoose Says:

    Hey I work more …
    Hey I work more inside of a tiny guitar cavity, which with my current soldering iron makes the use of heat shrink wraps a regular necessity. Anyone know a really thin and really long iron? mine is similar to the one shown after he says “low quality iron”. I also need it to heat up quickly since there are mounts of solder on the back of those pots. Thanks for any of the help.

  20. athf226 Says:

    YES. Metcal. I used …
    YES. Metcal. I used one at work and fell in love.

  21. johnclavis Says:

    I need to get a …
    I need to get a good vise. Everything else I got! Thanks for another fun video!

  22. Thimoize Says:

    23 people got no …
    23 people got no money for this 😀

  23. MORONIOO76 Says:

    this is pure …
    this is pure awesome and funny at the same time!

  24. 17GigaHertz Says:

    I use a firelight …
    I use a firelight to strip wires..
    Oh yes and thanks for your nice videos, you are my favorite of make.

  25. kazim278 Says:

    man am serious …
    man am serious impressed !!!! was wondering about my own lab and with tutorial as well :/

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