Circuit Skills: Electronics Enclosures

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electronics Every useful electronics project deserves a good enclosure. Providing a proper case for your circuit can protect it from accidental spills & falls – plus give it a cool look you can proudly show off to those unfamiliar with soldering and such.

Follow along with Collin as he turns a barebones function generator kit into a sturdy and versatile tone-box fit for noise-jamming & testing purposes. Get more info and a parts bundle:

Duration : 0:12:12

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25 Responses to “Circuit Skills: Electronics Enclosures”

  1. scottscienceori21 Says:

    it sounds like r2- …
    it sounds like r2-d2 at 11:05

  2. Jez4prez Says:

    I really enjoy your …
    I really enjoy your videos Collin, awesome stuff. I wish I knew someone like you in real life to learn electronics from!

    Also you have a cool taste in music haha. I actually want to get into designing my own music electronics too! 🙂 one day I’ll be good enough haha.

  3. TheBlackhawk2399 Says:

    Those rubber feet …
    Those rubber feet at 09:19 looked like chocolate well in black color!

  4. HolyFenderBender14 Says:

    Donate to SKRILLEX …
    Donate to SKRILLEX or DEADMAU5.

  5. Enzax1 Says:

    He has waaaaaaay …
    He has waaaaaaay to much fun with those things!

  6. meelis79 Says:

    You forgot labels! …
    You forgot labels! If you have different buttons and input sockets, you should mark them so one month later you still can use this thing without referring to shematic

  7. BonzoMadrid1 Says:

    Yor neighbors must …
    Yor neighbors must absolutely hate you!

  8. HerrPluxXX Says:


  9. RobinKaja Says:

    Lol one of the …
    Lol one of the videoes got shown twice :3

  10. imam21 Says:

    and it doesn’t …
    and it doesn’t work:)

  11. Mjuura Says:

    backround music …
    backround music reminds me of daft punk

  12. apolosjp Says:

    long life to a …
    long life to a true geek

  13. jpmac098 Says:

    Did anyone else …
    Did anyone else notice the emergency vehicle in the beginning lol?

  14. stubryanfull Says:

    you look like …
    you look like graham garden

  15. youvbeenqwertyuioped Says:

    what is the …
    what is the dimensions of that board ?

  16. TechBoywii Says:

    At least not …
    At least not Ultimate Dumbass…

  17. TheSkull301 Says:

    u look funny
    u look funny

  18. GutturalSickness357 Says:

    Ultimate …
    Ultimate Virginirator!

  19. Electroalek Says:

    They’re banana …
    They’re banana jacks(plugs). In this case they serve as input.

  20. robban0111 Says:

    Man! You just built …
    Man! You just built the R2D2 sound generator, dude!

  21. Shadowsers123 Says:

    What’s the drill …
    What’s the drill you’re using? It looks so portable and light!

  22. BossWolfen Says:

    Little did he know …
    Little did he know this was the future..

  23. mrodriguez4829 Says:

    Reminds you of the …
    Reminds you of the guy from Apollo 13 who works in Mission Control lol

  24. kght222 Says:

    where did this guy …
    where did this guy go???

  25. modgemtb Says:

    in/out jacks i …
    in/out jacks i think

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