Bob Bradshaw, Custom Audio Electronics – Pensado’s Place #205

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electronics Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics joins Dave and Herb on the 205th episode of Pensado’s Place.

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Duration : 0:49:19

7 Responses to “Bob Bradshaw, Custom Audio Electronics – Pensado’s Place #205”

  1. Pensado's Place Says:

    Latest and greatest
    Latest and greatest

  2. Tom Vom Ton Says:

    One of the shittest …
    One of the shittest drumsounds for that amount of expensive tools. Awesome,
    incredible, really great fail !!!
    I dont know why we have to invent new “awesome” mic´s very 2 years than the
    best sounds are made decades
    before with our old trusty standard mic´s. Hail to capitalism.
    I think you lose a lot of credibility under pro´s with this kind of
    commercial. Just my opinion, Sorry.

  3. navboi12 Says:

    Dave, is that you?!
    Dave, is that you?!

  4. Bernie Bosques Says:

    Awesome …
    Awesome interview.Must have more.PLEASE!

  5. sccrash420 Says:

    Terry Date?
    Terry Date?

  6. rhinoonthebus Says:

    cool shit
    cool shit

  7. EduMaia1205 Says:

    YES!!! “Guitars are …
    YES!!! “Guitars are the greatest things ever invented in terms of

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