Batteries – A to Z of Electronics

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electronics The history and technology in batteries. This video was generously sponsored by

Thanks to for translating to Portuguese.

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25 Responses to “Batteries – A to Z of Electronics”

  1. voltare2amstereo Says:

    your paper puppets …
    your paper puppets (and sound effects) are reminiscent of Secret Life Of Machines

  2. victoranem Says:

    Adorei o vídeo! …
    Adorei o vídeo! Sei que você não entende português, mas uma coisa eu falo: você é porreta de demais, sô kkk

  3. Hidframe Says:

    Great video! Nice …
    Great video! Nice job!

  4. SerotoninJunkie Says:

    I’m pretty sure …
    I’m pretty sure aging is indicative of the gradual degradation of our DNA. Every time a cell duplicates it loses a very very miniscule amount of its blueprint, after so many years the cells have a harder and harder time working as optimally as they did decades earlier. This is just my understanding of some scientific conjecture i read though. 🙂

  5. skrinkle2000 Says:

    So, similarly would …
    So, similarly would it be that the oxidation that is occurring in our bodies, increased as we age, is really evidence of our organic machine’s progressively corroding it’s battery? Or is our body a giant battery short circuiting from increased speed of oxidation = too large a current?Are bodies a series of stacked batteries? I figure I’d better stop soaking my body in acids like caffeine and decrease my surface area …and from now on, I will only use my less active metals for my cells.

  6. hksbloa93 Says:

    how did the …
    how did the scientists in the 19th century discover the vinegar thing?

  7. MMinecrafTT Says:

    4:12 sounds funny, …
    4:12 sounds funny, lol

  8. VitalElectrocomp Says:

    Excellent !! 

    Excellent !! 





    Google Vital Connectors

  9. MrSmithChart Says:

    I’m pretty sure …
    I’m pretty sure I’m in love…..

  10. Demolisherr2 Says:

    that helped me alot …
    that helped me alot thank you

  11. startalentink Says:

    Well done very …
    Well done very educational

  12. DSbaby15 Says:

    A few years ago …
    A few years ago two parents went out for dinner. A few hours later the babysitter was calling to see if she could cover the clown statue in the kids’ room. The father said ” Get the kids out if the house, we’ll cal the police, we don’t have a clown statue”. The “clown statue” was actually a killer that escaped from jail. If you don’t post this on 10 videos tonight the clown will be in your bed at 3:00am with a chainsaw in his hand. Sorry don’t want this to happen to me

  13. TheBandScanner Says:

    Joseph Henry fan !
    Joseph Henry fan !

  14. jlunn241 Says:

    have you been …
    have you been staring at the sun read something.

  15. Technoguy3 Says:

    I’ve actually …
    I’ve actually watched that video several times already. Maybe something just isn’t connecting in my brain LOL. I’ll go watch it again.

  16. Volta500 Says:

    That’s because of …
    That’s because of internal resistance in the battery. If it were a supercap you would be right. See afrotechmods video about supercaps for more on this. watch?v=EoWMF3VkI6U

  17. Volta500 Says:

    Well, with my name …
    Well, with my name I just have to respond. Never knew Volta was such a ladies man lol. Nicely done. Keep ’em coming!

  18. zackthegoth Says:

    another youtuber …
    another youtuber lidmotor and I made basically a penny battery, mine is putting out 0.4v. lidmotor made one first then I tried it and it works!

  19. Technoguy3 Says:

    If you touch a 9V …
    If you touch a 9V battery to your tongue, why don’t you die when you receive the electric shock? Amps = 9V/OHMs, so your body would have to put up a lot of resistance. Is that it? If there was a no-resistance path to ground that would be 9 Amps, and I know that’s a heck of a lot more than what’s needed to kill you.

  20. RavenRof Says:

    Im in love. =3
    Im in love. =3

  21. GTXAbunada Says:

    This so f****** …
    This so f****** entertaining and informative, even though I know most of the stuff mentioned Its AMAZING. Please DO MORE

  22. dcdean01 Says:

    A teacher once …
    A teacher once suggested that they may have been used for electroplating.

  23. ChristianVdC Says:


  24. queglay Says:

    itd be cool if you …
    itd be cool if you could go into a lead acid battery in more detail and show the relationship between electron flow and heat emission.

  25. h23sirlude Says:


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