Things We Love: The Sony a7R II

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After a long time denying my eventual acceptance of mirrorless cameras, early in 2017 I finally made the switch. No, this isn’t an article about why I switched from so-and-so to so-and-so.Tthis, rather, is about why I have grown to accept—to love—the Sony a7R II for what it is and what it allows me to do. I never felt at a loss with other camera systems, nor do I feel an especially strong kinship to mirrorless over a DSLR (I do still miss my optical viewfinder), but once I eliminated the pettiness between comparing mirrors to mirrorless, I grew to appreciate a new kind of camera for some of the other assets it provides.

Adapted Rangefinder Lenses

It’s true, maybe an unfortunate truth, but one of the things I love most about my Sony a7R II is its ability to accept rangefinder lenses using a lens adapter. Grumble all you want, tell me how much better Sony’s native lenses are… I won’t disagree. And after you’ve had your say, I’ll be happy to continue shooting with my tiny, slow, not-very-close-focusing, manual focus only, outdated, and inferior lenses. And I’ll love it.


The second thing I love, which is a bit of a love-hate position, is the customization options on the Sony a7R II. I love this because I can customize essentially all the buttons on the a7R II to do exactly what I want… which is very little. I have multiple buttons assigned to control the same thing (Manual Focus Assist) and intentionally leave other buttons unassigned to do absolutely nothing. I know you can assign buttons on other cameras to do a variety of things, as well, but I have never really felt compelled to change up, say, a Nikon or a Canon. I struggled with the stock layout of the Sony quite a bit, and have subsequently assigned new functions to nearly every single button, so now the layout feels very intuitive for me.

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