Things We Love: Flip-Out (Articulating) LCD Screens on Digital Cameras

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digital cameras best photo sharing

It’s a bit of a stretch, but for the sake of the Hallmark set, I can say that I love flip-out LCD screens on cameras. What I really love is the effect they have had on my photography and the creative possibilities they enable when photographing, especially for street photography. My first camera with a flip-out (and swivel) articulating LCD was the 4MP Canon PowerShot G3, which I purchased in 2003. Since it was my first digital camera, I didn’t take full advantage of all its capabilities, tending to stick with my Nikon SLR for most work but, by the time I bought a used PowerShot G5, in 2005, I was well into experimenting with the LCD and it began to transform my shooting style. Not having to bring a camera to my eye to compose allowed a more surreptitious style of shooting that suited the street photography in which I was indulging.

digital cameras best photo sharing

Yes, I had been shooting street photography with SLRs for years, but raising a camera to your eye can upset the rhythm and reactions around you and, having the LCD open and “on,” waiting for my glance to confirm a composition, was transcending. Photos that I never would have captured—on buses, while walking, from my bike—I could take, and I achieved the results I wanted. What came to pass was that the angle from which I shot descended, from eye level to waist level (navel level), and this became a style in which I flourished. This would not have been possible with an LCD that did not flip out and swivel. A monitor fixed to the back of the camera would still require raising the camera to compose accurately, and one that did not flip out and swivel up would diminish the opportunity to compose with just a downward glance. Yes, I realize that cameras with waist-level finders have been common for years, but the convenience of the digital format combined with a waist-level approach was the perfect blend for me.

digital cameras best photo sharing

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