The Feiyu a2000 Gimbal: Improved Over its Predecessor

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I recently had the opportunity to try the Feiyu a2000 gimbal. I’ve worked with a few camera-stabilizing systems before, and have only recently begun to feel more comfortable with them, so I was happy to try another system. Now, truth be told, I have always felt that for free-form work—I shoot handheld—and for anything else, that is what tripods, dollies, and jibs are for. Also, I’m over 50 now, so rig weight has become more of an issue for me. When the a2000 arrived, I found there was an opportunity to compare it to the now discontinued Feiyu MG V2, which is an earlier model, so I snagged that one, as well—just to give myself a baseline comparison. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any shoots scheduled, but I was able to fly my mirrorless camera for a few hours with each rig, on various adventures.

The MG V2

This is a one-handed gimbal stabilizer, and it includes the components needed to convert it into a two-handed stabilizer, all without requiring tools. It is pretty nifty, and I appreciated the engineering and attention to detail. It also came in a fitted foam soft case, which was a nice touch. Performance, once set up and balanced, was good, but more on that in a bit. I did find the MG V2 to be frustrating to set up. I was using a mid-sized mirrorless camera, and it took me a very long time to get it balanced on the rig.

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