PSI Audio: A17-M Classic Near-Field Precision Monitor

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PSI Audio is a Swiss company that has been manufacturing high-quality studio monitors for decades. They hand-build and assemble each speaker in house, which ensures the highest standard of quality control over each component and assembly step. All the wood working and welding are done by hand, which guarantees consistent quality and long-term reliability.

Available in black or red, the A17-M is a classic, precision near-field monitor that boasts an efficient transient response for accuracy in surround setups and studio-monitoring applications. The enclosure houses the Class-G amplifier, which incorporates the advantages of Class-AB, but with greater efficiency and lower distortion. The bi-amplifier delivers 80W to the 6.9″ woofer and 40W to the 3.9″ tweeter, which combine to provide a frequency response of 43 Hz to 23 kHz at an SPL of 115 dB per pair.

The A17-M utilizes advanced technologies including Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI) output stages, which is a system that detects the movement of the membrane and coil, as well as a filtered counter reaction which is then tuned to achieve an ideal dampening rate for each frequency. The active crossover with integrated Compensated Phase Response (CPR) delivers an impulse behavior with accurate stereo imaging and is optimized for maximum phase coherence, projecting a wide horizontal and vertical listening area. The rear panel offers XLR inputs and features a level control and a roll-off control for optimizing the low frequencies for stand-alone use or when using an optional subwoofer.

digital cameras best photo sharing

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