Nikon Coolpix P90 Digital Camera

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digital cameras Experience even closer encounters with Nikons Coolpix P90, with 12.1 effective megapixels and an incredible 24x optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens for stunning prints as large as 16×20 inches. The camera’s bright, 3.0-inch high-resolution vari-angle LCD and Electronic Viewfinder make it easy to compose and share your pictures. And Nikons new 4 Way VR Image Stabilization makes incredible pictures incredibly easy. Nikons New Smart Portrait System, which automatically detects your subjects face, takes a picture when they smile and warns you if they blinked.

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25 Responses to “Nikon Coolpix P90 Digital Camera”

  1. tkhotshot06 Says:

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  2. mamunur rasid Says:

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    Hi there, have you come across “MagicSFXphoto” (google it)? On their website you can watch a great free video featuring the right way to create incredible photos. This made it easier for Matt to take photographs which leave you with a jaw-dropping-effect any time you look at them. I hope it will work for you also.

  3. cabsk8er7 Says:

    Can anyone …
    Can anyone recommend a good, TV production quality camera (Money is no object) but it would be nice to recommend some cheaper stuff too lol, thanks! – Kyle, SuperCabProductions/CEO

  4. chlucky14k Says:

    i have some good …
    i have some good skills about this art ,,, bt i just don’t knw which cam is best 4 me ,,,
    well thanks 4 the reply dude !

  5. kyhjilp Says:


  6. 666gothdude666 Says:


  7. 666gothdude666 Says:

    that depends on a …
    that depends on a few things like the budget ,the canon 600d is a great dslr (digital single lense reflex) starter. though it is not sufficiant enough for a pro. i guess the nikon d800, d7000 and the canon 7d .5d mk II are more suitable for the pro. but ofcourse there are a lot more cameras.
    The second thing is what do you want to do as photography? as in sports ,modeling,landscape etc.All that depends on what cam. u buy.Ofcource a $2000.- cam will not garentee great pictures without skill.

  8. chlucky14k Says:

    man will u tell me …
    man will u tell me that a what will b best 4 me.. i m not a pro bt i want to b .

  9. EDT17 Says:

    Film this Camera in …
    Film this Camera in HD? Sorry for my Bad English

  10. 666gothdude666 Says:

    this was my first …
    this was my first camera and i had a lot f good fun with it but the sport mode has a lot of noise ,also indoors there is a lot of noise performance .also it sometimes wil allter the collors .
    anyway for a starter it is a great camera. but think about what u need a camera for ,and get a camera for that .
    ps. sorry for my grammer mistakes.

  11. ispeakmymindonly Says:

    how is it for the …
    how is it for the first time SLR owners?

  12. ZephMcIntyrePhotos75 Says:

    I believe digital …
    I believe digital camera ratings dot net has that camera and rates it!!

  13. TheSunHeaven Says:

    hey guys so i´m …
    hey guys so i´m just starting my channel and it would be great if you could check out my channel, right now it´s basically a review on a camera, BUT more is to come!!

  14. XxElenaGilbertx Says:

    I have coolpix …
    I have coolpix p500 and it has 36 zoom

  15. DYSYALYS Says:

    Idk…Call me and …
    Idk…Call me and I am sure I can POINT you in the right direction….Yea the bigger the better…..LOL…..Just saying

  16. davyboy176 Says:

    Hmmm just might be …
    Hmmm just might be the one for me then, do you know much about cameras ??? do you see the action in the zoom out lens its big and grows nice and easy , i have seen something grow just like it , in another camera but it was a lot longer , just saying

  17. DYSYALYS Says:

    Lol….The Cool Pix …
    Lol….The Cool Pix is a good camera….The shutter speed is really good….12.1 mp are awesome the zoom is very good…Pictures turn out really clear and crisp….Just saying…

  18. davyboy176 Says:

    Did he say dead eye …
    Did he say dead eye ? ha ha ha private joke , does anyone have one of these ????

  19. davyboy176 Says:

    If you listen there …
    If you listen there is no real need to change the lens , that lens will do everything except night shoots , sons like a good peace of kit . If anyone has 1 can you let me know what its like

  20. davyboy176 Says:

    The answer is no …
    The answer is no you cant

  21. Roxlax5 Says:

    Can you change the …
    Can you change the lens?

  22. SpamVampire Says:

    So nice of all you …
    So nice of all you idiots to post a scam/spam link here. Buyer beware, don’t go there, it’ll only fill the spammers pockets with money.

  23. myway123100 Says:

    Does it have video?
    Does it have video?

  24. ObeyMr Says:

    Its Really light …
    Its Really light for the size that it wieghs???/ Dont get it

  25. js172378 Says:

    This camera take …
    This camera take video too rigth

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