Nikon 1 J1 digital camera review

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digital cameras – We bring you an in-depth look at the Nikon 1 J1 in this episode. We chat with Nikon’s Steve Heiner about the compact point-and-shoot, which features a new mirrorless, small sensor system that packs in a flash module. The camera can grab 10 megapixel stills, records in full 1080p, and is the fastest autofocusing camera in Nikon’s entire line. The Nikon 1 J1 even lets you capture images and 1080p video at the same time.

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4 Responses to “Nikon 1 J1 digital camera review”

  1. thisismeww Says:

    HI! I’m just …
    HI! I’m just curious, would you recomend Nikon 1 J1 or a Olympus P-M1 to someone only using a point and shot beforehand?

  2. lsantiago35 Says:



  3. pamelathorne Says:

    Great Camera, my …
    Great Camera, my friend bought one a week ago in White, and I bought the Red one last night!!…Got them at Costco because they come with 2 Lens for only $750….GREAT DEAL

  4. 90loneeagle Says:

    real nice……
    real nice……

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