MWC 2017: Samsung Gear VR in Control

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Samsung has announced a new edition of its Gear VR headset, which comes with a wireless controller for easy, intuitive control over your virtual-reality experience. Designed with ergonomic curves for long-lasting comfort, the Controller has a touchpad that lets you point, drag and drop, tilt, and more, as well as having a trigger button. Volume, home, and back keys complete the experience.

The headset itself sports 42mm lenses with a 101° field of view, with distortion-correction technology to reduce the risk of motion sickness. It charges via USB Type-C or Micro-USB, with an adapter included so you can switch between the two. The Controller lasts for up to 80 hours of use on a pair of AAA batteries and stows in a strap on the headset. The Gear VR with Controller is compatible with the Note 5, S6, S6 edge and edge+, S7, and S7 edge, and is expected to work with Samsung’s upcoming handset, which will be announced on the March 29.

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