MWC 2017: DJI Unveils Matrice 200, New Industrial-Strength UAV

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Sunday, at Mobile World Congress, DJI officially unveiled the Matrice 200 UAV, an indomitable follow-up to its impressive Matrice 100 quadcopter. This time around, the Matrice is a hyper-ruggedized, extremely weather resistant, dual-battery aerial beast built for industrial applications, such as power line inspection, firefighting applications, search and rescue missions, and more.

With a 38-minute flight time, 4-pound payload capacity, and 4-mile operational range, the Matrice 200 looks capable of handling whatever job is thrown its way. Multiple gimbal configurations are available, including an upward-facing mount that opens the door for all kinds of building and structural inspections. To ensure your flight goes smoothly, the Matrice 200 is also equipped with 17-inch propellers that will hold it steady in strong winds. Best, and most practical of all, is the collapsible design that allows the Matrice 200 to be folded down in a snap, so you can pack and unpack it as quickly as the job demands.

Matrice 200 series quadcopters are coming soon to B&H.

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