Mexico: Scuba-Diving Paradise

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The country of Mexico is a paradise for scuba diving on its east and west coasts. Each area has its own personality and offers different photo opportunities. This is just a partial list of some of the beautiful locations that will appeal to and challenge the underwater photographer.

Above image: Nurse shark and moray eel under a ledge in Cozumel


Let’s begin our diving journey on the west coast. Revillagigedo is adventure diving at its best. This archipelago is 250 miles (402k) from Los Cabos, and always offers the possibility of giant manta rays, whales, dolphins and many species of shark. But this is not an aquarium; the only things guaranteed are water and rocks. The underwater image producer will want to use a wide-angle lens. The closer you are to your subject, the better your image quality will be. Fisheye lenses can be extremely useful.

digital cameras best photo sharing
Wide-angle lenses are best for large marine life.

The Nautilus live-aboard fleet now has three ships exploring this area, and the crew is very experienced in guiding divers in this region. One of their ships is the luxury live-aboard Nautilus Belle Amie. This 135′ (41 m) ship is stabilized with a wide beam and deep draft. The vessel is very comfortable, even in rough seas. The friendly and helpful crew puts safety first, but also makes sure the guest are comfortable and having fun. The Belle Amie meets SOLAS safety standards—the same standards used by the large cruise ships. Ernie Brooks photographs decorate the ship’s walls and will inspire you to create great images.

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