How to Stop the Grinch: A Basic Holiday Season Guide to Home Surveillance

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We’ve all seen the YouTube videos showcasing strangers driving around neighborhoods and stealing packages from random porches and driveways. What are you supposed to do if you are out all day? What if you don’t have the time to spend jockeying for position in the shops and department stores? For those who work all day and don’t have a choice except to shop online (like 46% of shoppers in the US), an even bigger problem presents itself—how do you keep delivered packages safe when you’re not at home?

There are ways to watch the outside of your house remotely so that you can keep an eye on your packages when you are not home. For instance, three of the most popular wireless surveillance cameras, the Nest Cam, the FLIR FX (sold as an Indoor and Outdoor Camera Kit), and the Samsung SmartCam are all available in outdoor versions or with outdoor housings (which will keep your camera safe from the elements). These cameras all have 1080p high-res video, a wide field of view, audio capabilities, and night vision—all options that are great for small security systems. But most importantly, they are all Wi-Fi enabled, making them easier to install, since you do not have to run a slew of video cables back into the house. You can also use a mobile app to view your home while you are away, or record video in case you do have an unwanted visitor.

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