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digital cameras You’re at the best concert ever and all you can think of is taking as many pics of your favourite super star on your trusty smart phone. You’ve spent more time taking photos than actually enjoying the concert, but who cares? You’ve got the proof to show all your workmates you were there!

But how exactly does a digital camera work?

It’s all very simple really. The camera’s sensor is covered with tiny light sensitive cells, each of which can measure the amount of light that falls on it. The cells act like the old photosensitive film, reacting to the light which falls on them and then reporting to the camera’s microprocessor brain. The camera doesn’t just look at an individual pixel on the sensor; it also looks at the pixels around it to come up with an informed guess of what the true colour of that pixel is.

In taking that awesome shot of your dinner for Instagram, making sure you have just enough light, have you ever wondered how light bulbs work?

Getting your eyebrows waxed ahead of your photo shoot? Greg Foot explains why we have eyebrows:

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  1. Jack Holmes Says:

    Imagine Clarkson …
    Imagine Clarkson and Hammond watching this.

  2. ajuk1 Says:

    A 16mp camera will …
    A 16mp camera will not allow you to produce large images with no loss of
    perceived quality unless it comes from a large enough sensor, the same way
    you could not do the same with 110 film no matter how fine a grained film
    you used, you can’t cheat the system.

  3. LewisBen247 Says:

    How come James May …
    How come James May doesn’t make these videos anymore?

  4. PVTfluffy Says:

    Richard Hammond’s …
    Richard Hammond’s hair lol

  5. krocialblack Says:

    Who wants to see …
    Who wants to see James May on camera?

    Driving a Koenigsegg Agera R.

    At 270+ MPH.

    While Clarkson and Hammond themselves silly.

    And The Stig, just stands there in the background. Being “The Stig”. And
    nothing else…

  6. Aldwin Villareal Says:

    Hi james, i have a …
    Hi james, i have a question how does wireless work?

  7. karlisk4 Says:

    YaY! Top gear jokes …
    YaY! Top gear jokes :)

  8. Prence Says:

    I like James May, …
    I like James May, he seems like a really good guy.

  9. Jimmy Olsson Says:

    Sorry, I can’t …
    Sorry, I can’t watch this video without getting furious about that they
    didn’t use a monospaced font for the time shown on the camera!! :S

  10. Logan Lorenz Says:

    I love how he mocks …
    I love how he mocks his fellow Top Gear “mates.” :)

  11. Sean Johnson Says:

    Richard hammonds …
    Richard hammonds hair.

  12. MaxFrisch84 Says:

    Finally a video …
    Finally a video with James May again! I signed up for James May, you know?
    And I will not watch any videos without James May! Exclamation Mark!

  13. Ray Roman Says:

    I like how the …
    I like how the graphic for the battery life changed over time on this
    video. Nice touch!

  14. Tayt Tweten Says:

    More of these …
    More of these please, James :0

  15. iTroozTrooperDown Says:

    May is back!!! does …
    May is back!!! does this mean that the new Top Gear is on shoot?

  16. PhotoAzbuka Says:


  17. Xarin Sliron Says:

    i like how the …
    i like how the battery ran out as the vid went on :P

  18. Maayan6351 Says:

    Nice video art!! I …
    Nice video art!! I loved the fact that the timer in the camera is in
    perfect sync with the actual video length :D

  19. Head Squeeze Says:

    How do digital …
    How do digital cameras work? Say cheese @MrJamesMay! #selfie #instagram

  20. Sajid Rafique Says:

    Goood Videoo
    Goood Videoo

  21. Chef Kendra Nguyen Says:

    Oh yeah, very good …
    Oh yeah, very good episode and like others have said, that meter was a nice
    touch. :)

  22. KuraIthys Says:

    Megapixels are …
    Megapixels are great. But they’re also misleading. Did you know 35 mm film
    has detail equivalent to about 35 megapixels? For that matter, ‘full frame’
    film cameras produce images exceeding an effective resolution of 100
    megapixels. But… This doesn’t take into account yet that the ‘megapixels’
    of a digital camera aren’t proper pixels… a colour pixel needs to have an
    RGB value. And the ‘megapixel’ rating counts each red, green & blue pixel
    element as individual things. (Which would be correct in a black & white
    sensor, but is wrong in a colour one).
    This means the actual ‘resolution’ of a digital camera, when compared to
    say a computer screen, is only 1/3 of it’s ‘megapixel’ rating. (or 1/2 at
    most if you consider the image processing.) – I’m staring at a computer
    screen with the (for current computers) rather low resolution of about 1
    million pixels. But, to get a good quality picture that takes up the whole
    screen without any missing detail, it would require a 3 megapixel camera…

  23. Ispharel! Says:

    Nokia Lumia 1020 …
    Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41 Megapixel camera. On a phone! A windows phone of
    all things!!

  24. Przemysław Rumik Says:

    James May opowiada …
    James May opowiada jak działa cyfrówka 😉

    Nie opowiada o samym sensorze, ale mówi o tym skąd są kolory w zdjęciach.
    Całkiem ciekawe 🙂

    Znalazłem na Gizmondo

  25. szili76 Says:

    Bring him back!
    Bring him back!

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