How a digital camera works

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digital cameras Learn how to use a digital camera and understand terminology such as aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO. Discover what these camera settings do and learn how to take better photographs.

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  1. Gokul Mu Says:

    Hi, what will …
    Hi, what will happen if Aperture changed similar to Cat’s vertical eye

  2. mayank tiwari Says:

    very nice tutorial …
    very nice tutorial sir, 

  3. canon 70d review Says:

    Great video
    Great video

  4. balamakesh Says:

    Hi Mr. Berry, …
    Hi Mr. Berry, Appreciate the effort. Good basics for the beginners. I
    request you to do a video on tips for Sports Photography. Your other videos
    were quite informative as well.

  5. alamri32 Says:

    Thank you
    Thank you

  6. max canning Says:


  7. Farbod Salamat-Zadeh Says:

    very well explained …
    very well explained. thanks

  8. Faraz Rana Says:

    Very good tutorial …
    Very good tutorial to show to my students thanks

  9. rberryphotography Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the feedback, I have just added a new video that will help.
    Please watch the video “Tips for sports and wildlife photographers”. Please
    click on the links, video production is paid by ad revenue. More revenue,
    more new videos!

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