How a Digital Camera is Made

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digital cameras An introduction to how digital cameras work that also highlights Canon’s unique manufacturing expertise and latest environmental measures. Years of know-how, combined with leading-edge technologies and manufacturing processes, support Canon’s position as the leader in high-resolution, high-quality digital cameras.
Created: June 2010

[Copy from Canon Premium Library]

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24 Responses to “How a Digital Camera is Made”

  1. d7ooomy4 Says:

    ما خلوكم تربحون …
    ما خلوكم تربحون غير الدرباويه =))

  2. timberwolves03 Says:

    A T2i probably, a …
    A T2i probably, a 1DX would be a waste for this kid!

  3. OGthugAkaJazz Says:

    what is it then..?
    what is it then..?

  4. StarGamerV Says:

    canon <3
    canon <3

  5. mitsubishidiamante Says:

    man I wish I know …
    man I wish I know someone who works on that Canon Werehouse then maybe I could talk to him and hook me up with the latest Canon DSLR Camera before they come out in the stores

  6. mitsubishidiamante Says:

    no wonder these …
    no wonder these lens are freakin expensive!

  7. ZanmaruV2 Says:

    12:26 the birth of …
    12:26 the birth of a hipster.

  8. MortallicA91 Says:

    i feel you bro… …
    i feel you bro… i feel you…

  9. TheInternetWanderer Says:

    The video was …
    The video was interesting until that point.

  10. gln2d3 Says:

    Canon and Nikon …
    Canon and Nikon are both awesome!!!

  11. jotaefy Says:

    Ouçam essa …
    Ouçam essa incrível canção! watch?v=DZY2UQyZF7Q

  12. timberwolves03 Says:


  13. OGthugAkaJazz Says:

    was that a 1dx ??? …
    was that a 1dx ???!!!!

  14. GreenBlueClouds Says:

    Well my life is …
    Well my life is destroyed at the image of a child holding a DSLR.

  15. MrMeidon Says:

    im a nikon user, …
    im a nikon user, but i had a mini when they were showing the L lenses all together!!! oh boy!!

  16. shonenarts23 Says:

    canon is awesome!!! …
    canon is awesome!!! 

  17. DarkAngelEU Says:

    yeah, don’t give …
    yeah, don’t give your kid a 7D… 

  18. troyger1 Says:

    crapon fag 😛
    crapon fag 😛

  19. elliottsauvage Says:

    dude don’t be a …
    dude don’t be a cock, we are all photographers so just respect the fact that some people use nikon and some people use canon.

  20. tomfewchuk Says:

    why would you use …
    why would you use both canon and nikon..?

  21. zainkam1 Says:

    looks like canon is …
    looks like canon is having hard time in selling their shit.
    nearly 50% of the technological introduction info. is BOGUS.
    they were not the first one to make Aspherical lenses and optical stabilization.
    with so much high class production methods shown in this video, still canon’s lenses feel CHEAP.. and you can’t do about that.. ( apart from the L variant. )
    I use both Canon and you can take this as a positive criticism.
    they brag about 70 years… haha! Nikon is older than 100

  22. TheJulian12398 Says:

    I found love for …
    I found love for my a35 even it’s not canon it’s manufactured almost the same and does the same job

  23. Maks Furs Says:

    I found a new …
    I found a new found love for my camera!

  24. TheBreakersValley Says:

    Or maybe he was …
    Or maybe he was checking it after assembling it? Just a thought.

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