DSMC2 101 Part 1: All About the RED Ecosystem

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If, for whatever reason, you’ve had your eye pressed to the viewfinder for the past several months, the news that B&H is now a reseller for RED DIGITAL CINEMA cameras and associated products may have passed you by. If that was something that you were pining for, rejoice! However, that exuberance may be slightly offset when you see just how many options are available for building RED cameras. Many cameras on the market from other manufacturers are all-inclusive; everything you need to start shooting is right there in the box when you open it up. RED decided to buck this trend with its DSMC cameras when the company first introduced the EPIC as a follow-up to the ground-breaking RED ONE, and has continued following this modular modus operandi with its current DSMC2 offerings. While the modularity of the new cameras allows each customer to build their camera as they wish, here at B&H we understand that the sheer number of choices that provide this flexibility can be somewhat daunting. What follows will be a basic overview of the RED DSMC2 ecosystem and a guide to putting together a fully functioning RED DSMC2 kit. Since there’s a lot of ground to cover, I’ve decided to spread this subject over two articles. This first article will focus on introducing the DSMC2 ecosystem and going over the first three parts, each pertaining to a component of the RED DSMC2 camera system; the brain, the expander modules, and the rear and side modules. Lens mounts, monitoring, media, and accessories will be covered in the next article.

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