CES 2018: ViewSonic Introduces New Professional & Enterprise Monitors

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Whether you want extensive connectivity options, super-thin bezels, and an advanced ergonomic design, or you would rather opt for a 4K color-accurate monitor more focused on performance uniformity, ViewSonic has the monitor for you. ViewSonic has introduced a professional series “VP” line of monitors and an enterprise series “VG” line of monitors, designed to suit the needs of a wide-ranging consumer base.

The Professional “VP” series of monitors comprises the VP2768-4K and VP3278-8K models, which are designed to suit the needs of those working with color-critical applications, such as graphic-design specialists and photographers, thanks to the wide color gamut and performance consistency. The 8K VP series monitor features enhanced color accuracy along with a host of connectivity options capable of handling devices that drive 8K content. You can even plug in a variety of color-calibration sensors to the VP-3278-8K monitor because it comes calibration-ready. With a 4K VP series monitor you receive 4K UHD resolution, complete with Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity supporting data-transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps, opening a plethora of new possibilities for creative content professionals and their devices.

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With the Enterprise “VG” series monitors, ViewSonic has shifted its focus from color-critical applications and color accuracy to ergonomics and connectivity options. These monitors come in a 24″ version—the VG2448, and a 27″ version—the VG2748, each offering enhanced viewing angles and reduced size bezels surrounding the Full HD 1080p IPS screen. Setting up these Enterprise-series monitors is simple as they come equipped VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs and, with a 40-degree tilt, the display can also be adjusted to suit nearly any viewing preference. When you’re finished with the display, you can also take it with you—it comes equipped with a quick-release stand and a carrying handle.

ViewSonic has monitors designed to suit the needs of nearly any business professional. What are your viewing preferences?  Please let us know in the Comments section, below.

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