Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i Review Preview

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digital cameras Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i Review Preview. This is the latest addition to the Canon SLR range. It arrives as the update to the Canon EOS 600D, and is the first SLR on the market to feature a touch screen LCD and an all-new Hybrid CMOS sensor.

Here Angela Nicholson takes a first hands-on look at the Canon EOS 650D at the Canon UK head quarters.

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Duration : 0:4:40

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22 Responses to “Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i Review Preview”

  1. AznAndrewPhan Says:

    Yeah but it’s not …
    Yeah but it’s not good enough because it still delays and lags when you or any object moves around to much. The sony alpha dslr series is way better than canon’s t4i. Smoother, faster, and better auto focus shoot during movies. 

  2. tristejourdeneige Says:

    dont mix my eye …
    dont mix my eye sight up with yours

  3. tristejourdeneige Says:

    yeah, but i still …
    yeah, but i still can envision the future, envious much?

  4. TypicalShahab Says:

    Thank you i got it.
    Thank you i got it.

  5. boggstar Says:

    go to the menu then …
    go to the menu then select the second wrench menu tab. pick the video system, and set to NTSC. 🙂

  6. TypicalShahab Says:

    It seems like i …
    It seems like i bought the wrong camera. Well i guess i should agree that Sony > Canon, someone also told me that too. But my canon does really AWESOME GREEN SCREEN keying. You can key it out very nicely. But i guess that alone is not good enough. So thinking sometime in future to get the FS700. thats like 8k

  7. TypicalShahab Says:

    My friend how do i …
    My friend how do i set it to NTSC?

  8. zizikelizike Says:

    The only thing that …
    The only thing that is better than the canon 600d is the smoother focus and 5 pics per second. The touch screen is more of a failure if you are in any way experienced in handling the camera.
    As I use my t3i mostly for video … there is no way I would spend the extra buck on it … instead invest the money into better lenses.

  9. a1mint Says:

    My Sony A57 does …
    My Sony A57 does 1920×1080 in 60p and does it very well, with excellent stabilization and excellent auto focus.
    It also shoots at 10fps full res, and 12fps slightly cropped.
    Dynamic range second to none.
    In camera panorama stitching.
    Better flip out screen.
    Plus a bunch of other stuff not seen elsewhere.

    End of day.

    Sony > Canon.

  10. boggstar Says:

    set it to NTSC, it …
    set it to NTSC, it will shoot in 60p in 720. PAL shoots max of 50fps in 720p

  11. WupperVideo Says: doesn’t … doesn’t sell it longer! :O

  12. TypicalShahab Says:

    I was thinking it …
    I was thinking it does 60fps, and so i went and bought this camera for $1544NZD to realize it only goes up to 50fps in 720p. Not 30fps. Now i have this camera btw.

  13. TheNBClannnn Says:

    personally i think …
    personally i think canon is running out of ideas, i use a t2i and i would not spend an extra 500$ for a touch screen there is not enough differences and i think its a money grab..i think everyone can agree that having a nice canon 24-70mm lens would improve your shots more then a touch sreen..dont comment back if your rich and just gonna tell me you can buy both this comment doesnt apply for you lol, and its just my opionon

  14. runningchance Says:

    I like it. Of …
    I like it. Of course I am not ready to ditch my T3i for it but maybe next year when they come out with the T5i and make the autofocus motor on Video quieter I will make the move. It was a nice step for Canon. It is too bad that plastic grips turn white and give people allergic reactions that touch the Camera with their bare hands. Overall the concept was good but I will wait for Canon to work some of the kinks out which I am sure they will.

  15. Drezkie Says:

    DigitalRev is …
    DigitalRev is still better!!!! Kai FTW!!

  16. ajok822 Says:

    Your place is NOT …
    Your place is NOT in the kitchen, Madam.

  17. DanandTia Says:

    Does it take good …
    Does it take good video????

  18. vuilang Says:

    how is the touch …
    how is the touch screen when you hold up camera to the face and shoot?? will my face mess up the setting?

  19. TheFRunnerRC Says:

    The manual funcions …
    The manual funcions of the camera like chance the iso ant others than you use the tactil screen, witch tis camera can control it throught the tactil screen and analogic like other canon that havent got tactil screen?? sorry for my bad english

  20. KoolKidKarl2k8 Says:

    Only an idiot will …
    Only an idiot will make mistakes in a day and age where we are surrounded by touch screens.

  21. KoolKidKarl2k8 Says:

    Although I thought …
    Although I thought at first the touch screen on the 650D was a gimmick, judging by the look of it (how good it is, response, quality) and how easy it is to access the menu using it and saving minuets without wasting time scrolling through the menus. I would say, personally that a touch screen is a step in the right direction. If you don’t like it, there is nothing from stopping you using the standard dial button like on the previous cameras.

  22. KoolKidKarl2k8 Says:

    But not as good in …
    But not as good in movie mode. The main selling point for me is the continuous AF using those new lenses.

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