Announcing New Hands-Free FrontRow Pendant Camera

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digital cameras best photo sharing

It’s been said that the best camera is the one you have with you. With the FrontRow Live Streaming Pendant Camera, you can have a camera with you at all times as a hands-free companion to capture photos and videos of you about your day. The circular chassis features dual cameras, one front-facing and the other rear-facing, a large touchscreen for intuitive interaction with the camera, two control buttons, and a USB Type-C port for computer connection.

With the front and rear-facing cameras, the FrontRown Pendant Camera can record photographs, HD videos, or time-lapse videos. It can also stream live video to popular video and social media platforms. While this many options may seem daunting, the FrontRow unites these functionalities into three distinct modes, Story Mode, Live Mode, and Camera Mode.

digital cameras best photo sharing

Story mode captures up to 16 hours of your POV as a time-lapse video. So, if you keep it running throughout a special event or just your typical day, by the end, you’ll have a finished movie of your day. Live mode, as its name suggests, provides the option for immediately sharing what’s going on around you to your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube via streaming video. The Camera mode simply captures photos or videos with the front or rear cameras at the touch of a button.

digital cameras best photo sharing

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