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christmas gift ideas stores and sites that have super cheap items & sales!
Old navy

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  1. roseboyd14 Says:

    that stuff isnt …
    that stuff isnt cheap!

  2. XmasThat Says:

    You look exactly …
    You look exactly like Demi Lovato:LL

  3. johnswat51 Says:

    im 14 and idc … …
    im 14 and idc … Grow Up!!….

  4. Michmonkey1997 Says:

    ummmm actually it …
    ummmm actually it doesn’t im 14 and i totally agree with riahpya13

  5. TheMaisierose Says:

    I’m also thirteen …
    I’m also thirteen and I think that was a bit of an over reaction… She did say to turn it off if you’re under 18 so you shouldn’t be complaining to be honest 🙂 you should have either turned it off like she suggested or just not be bothered… 🙂

  6. becklesbee Says:

    These aren’t cheap! …
    These aren’t cheap!! I was looking for homemade DIY stuff! x

  7. ShredWithMe Says:

    I don’t get it… …
    I don’t get it…What is she cooking?

  8. sweetnsour80 Says:

    If Jennifer Lopez …
    If Jennifer Lopez and an intelligent Kim Kardashian could somehow reproduce you would be their offspring O-O

  9. TheKaay94 Says:

    riahpya grow up 
    riahpya grow up 

  10. 77dat Says:

    What’s her name ? …
    What’s her name ? She does playboy lol

  11. 3232mikeymike Says:

    ahh, i’d buy you a …
    ahh, i’d buy you a drink

  12. rockon4life99 Says:

    I do see the J …
    I do see the J lopez in you , you look beautiful chicka !

  13. rachelflorence21 Says:

    I totally agree. …
    I totally agree. She looks cute and hot too. If you are on festive shopping spree, here’s a simple way to purchase a gift online. I have done online shopping in facebook and purchased REGENEVIVE Skin care product. It is simple as it sounds. Try it today 🙂

  14. HannahKardash Says:

    woah you look like …
    woah you look like jlo

  15. 1994Anai Says:

    wow you do look …
    wow you do look like jennifer lopez WOW your so beautiful<3

  16. Juicymeu Says:

    You do look like …
    You do look like Jennifer Lopez, haha. 🙂 It’s a compliment, tho’. 😉

  17. 8hopper7 Says:

    i have made coupon …
    i have made coupon books since i was a little kid i still love getting them

  18. 713mychemicalromance Says:

    where does it say …
    where does it say that?

  19. 5690dresser Says:

     i was gun say dat
     i was gun say dat

  20. msglamgirl123 Says:

    i really dont think …
    i really dont think anybody passed through the 18 and older part!!!

  21. FrugalMummy Says:

    You speak clearly …
    You speak clearly and have a lovely look. I disagree with the title cheap gifts. $34-$50 is NOT Cheap. I found this was a bit misleading and went all over the place a bit.
    As you can see all sorts of people look at this and judge who you are, do you really want to represent yourself in this light, (re: adult comments?) The idea of getting your partner a fun set of “just for the two of you” vouchers is not new, it is a classic. A great idea, but prehaps could have been censored to suit all ages

  22. jellybelly0727 Says:

    Lmao I’m 13 and …
    Lmao I’m 13 and kids at my school Suck Dick . Civilization is up . Not saying I’ve done that but don’t act like you’ve never heard of it.

  23. 4thcoming Says:

    You look like Kim …
    You look like Kim Kardashian a little and maybe J Lo as well. I think you’re either Hispanic or Middle Eastern which is not bad ;p

  24. isiwo10 Says:

    @riahpya13 umm …
    @riahpya13 umm sorry but lots of guys would probably like that!

    @Diueypoo I totally agree with you!

  25. Diueypoo Says:

    Lol oh please, …
    Lol oh please, you’re thirteen in 5 years you’ll be doing it.

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