Christmas Gift Ideas

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christmas gift ideas Hey dolls,

his video is sharing with you some tips to buying some great christmas presents for your friends and familly!

Shorts- Ragged priest at topshop
Shoes- Doc Martens

The song (if there is one) in this video is from

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24 Responses to “Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. GlitterGlamSparkle Says:

    You look like …
    You look like jenna Marbles with the dogs and stuff lol

  2. melstefhernandez Says:

    Adore your …
    Adore your cartilage earring (not sure if that’s what it’s called) where can it be bought?!

  3. rebekahwagoner Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m …
    Hi everyone, I’m trying to get the word out. Need a Christmas gift for someone special? Why not give a supernatural adventure that will invoke the imagination. Young or old, “Second World” by R.M.Wagoner will bring readers on a fictional journey into a world where the impossible is the reality. It has been compared to “The Shack” by William P. Young. Now available at Amazon! Secondworldbook(dot)com

  4. TheYanne17 Says:

    Thanks soo much for …
    Thanks soo much for this video. I finally know what to get for my brother. Even though it is pricey 🙂

  5. janebrookes2 Says:

    She’s sweet …
    She’s sweet and gorgeous. On this Christmas mood, I had checked out for REGENEVIVE Skin Cleanser in its Facebook online store. I’m using this product since 6 months. It really works on my skin keeping it bright and beautiful.

  6. RosieTheCat100 Says:

    your dogs are …
    your dogs are adorable and this video really helped me, thanks!

  7. luvideochantale Says:

    awwh i love this …
    awwh i love this video and also you are really funny i just smile thru watching this <3

  8. justa9url Says:

    You probably know …
    You probably know, unless you live on the north pole?

    But not everyone celebrates xmas…

  9. allthingsthatsparkle Says:

    what do you do for …
    what do you do for a living? do you go to school or something..?

  10. fashionisagift Says:

    Jenna Marbles …
    Jenna Marbles moment there. haahah

  11. sototallyvlog Says:

    Its the least I can …
    Its the least I can do ! My followers are so kind x

  12. sototallyvlog Says:

    that is adorbs!
    that is adorbs!

  13. armaniandgucci Says:

    Oh Lawl. I’m broke …
    Oh Lawl. I’m broke, looks like everyone is getting a hug as their gift 🙂

  14. intheordinary Says:

    My boyfriend got …
    My boyfriend got me a mug with a picture of us on it from one of our first dates and it’s my favvvvvorite! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions and ideas!<3

  15. hopefaithlov Says:

    i did this thing …
    i did this thing once were i bought tiny envolopes and a jar and on each envolope i wrote a reason why i loved my boyfriend! <3

  16. CaiRynn Says:

    I love that you …
    I love that you answer comments. And especially offer your help with the girl that’s asking for outfit advice for her birthday party. Really really nice 🙂

  17. TheCraziiqueen Says:

    ur so funny!
    ur so funny!

  18. BrunetteBeautyRose Says:

    cool outfit & very …
    cool outfit & very helpful video..Even for like birthday or random presents ;))

  19. 1251jeannette Says:

    i love your top!!!
    i love your top!!!

  20. lexi081684 Says:

    great, thanks! BTW …
    great, thanks! BTW your eyebrows are AMAZING!

  21. MaterialGirlsLife Says:

    Can you do a video …
    Can you do a video on how to style ankle boots please!
    Im a big fan of your style xx 

  22. xsumayya Says:

    “Hopefully you’ve …
    “Hopefully you’ve only got one” haha, made me chuckle xD xx

  23. 74percentWater Says:

    Hey Lexi, can you …
    Hey Lexi, can you do some outfits for school videos? Your style is amazing and I would love to see more styling videos.

  24. LadyOfStavoren Says:

    With the gift card …
    With the gift card thing, there may be some people who might not like it. My boyfriend, for instance, doesn’t like it because he’s limited to one particular store or place in which to buy his gift. For my birthday, he took me out shopping, which was more special to me than just putting money in an envelope (I never go shopping with him). For his birthday as well, his mum made him a homemade voucher to spend a day shopping with her.

    Just a suggestion that may seem a bit more heartfelt 🙂

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