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christmas gift ideas PLEASE EXPAND THIS BOX ÔÖą Sometimes it’s hard to think of what gifts to give or for yourself, so I thought I would show you a few things that I think would make great gifts for friends/girlfriends or even to pop on your own Christmas wish list ­čÖé Keep reading for other ideas and let me know your best GIFT IDEAS!!!
Makeup Tutorial on this look :

SIGMA BRUSHES — Travel Kits – $59.00 each, great gift for the makeup lover!

MELINEY NAIL ART — Under $20.00 for basic kit. Great gift idea to help fill in all those spare hours over the Christmas/school break!! Great BFF gift too.

Please check out Meliney’s YouTube Channel for Excellent Tutorials –
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PERFUME GIFT SETS (many to choose from)
— I bought Beyonce’s ‘Pulse’ — Myer $89.00
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HAIR CARE BOXED SETS (many to choose from)
I bought ‘Aromas with Argan Oil’ which includes Morroccan Oil Spray, Ends Therapy, Shampoo and Conditioner – $49.99 — Price Attack

VSSASSOON WAVE ENVY – $52.95, lovely gift that will keep on giving!
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EYESHADOW PALLETS — Prices vary according to stores, neutral pallets are always needed!

28 neutral pallet — or ebay
120 eyeshadow pallet — or ebay
Nyx nude on nude pallet — (I bought mine from – – but they are no longer listed)


Either online or in store, gift certificates are great when you just don’t know what to give.

MONTHLY SAMPLE BOXES – $14.95/MONTH EACH — Yrly Subscriptions are available. These are the Australian ones.

LustHaveIt –
ILoveThisBox —
GlossyBox —
BellaBox —

Where I hang out ­čÖé

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I use SIGMA brushes in my tutorials:
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  1. smidgo87311 Says:

    my cusins live´╗┐ in …
    my cusins live´╗┐ in sydney australia

  2. magicnyancat Says:

    where about in …
    where about in Australia do you live´╗┐ ?

  3. emsrox101 Says:

    hey cassie can you …
    hey cassie can you please do a nightime skincare routine? i have one but i’d just like to see how you get your skin so clean and clear

    love you and i am a´╗┐ big fan ­čÖé em <3

  4. Krayzfob18 Says:

    Cute´╗┐ accent
    Cute´╗┐ accent

  5. jimmycodmw2 Says:

    Hey cassie your …
    Hey cassie your reviews r´╗┐ duh best but y do you talk so loud!!!!!!!

  6. limtzeseng Says:

    HI all! for great …
    HI all! for great gift´╗┐ ideas for Valentine’s Day . please check out STUPIDWALLET at ( ) for world’s first personalized wallets. thank´╗┐ you guys´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  7. AussiexKat Says:

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
    I’ve been on the search for a´╗┐ good brush set
    I really, REALLY want the Mrs. Bunny one

    And I have two quick questions for you…
    1. Which postage did you choose…?
    I don’t know which one to choose, the site says express…but it’s a tad expensive haha
    2. You have so many of them! How did you afford all of them?! o.O
    (haha, not a serious question, I don’t want to pry haha)

    Thank you! ­čÖé

  8. Litoxjenny11 Says:

    LOL At 7:06,didn’t …
    LOL At 7:06,didn’t you use that for your tag:worst´╗┐ challenge look?Lol1

  9. laughietaff Says:

    U sound´╗┐ really …
    U sound´╗┐ really hyper… && to tell you the truth I stopped watching it half way cuz ur voice was kinda annoying me.-_- sorry;

  10. XxXAVRILLXxX Says:

    i got that revlon …
    i got that revlon thing´╗┐ for xmas

  11. TheMagicEye11 Says:

    You´╗┐ seem a bit…. …
    You´╗┐ seem a bit………
    Too happy…

  12. andreajdarling Says:

    Why are you …
    Why are you shouting so loudly at the camera? I’ve had to stop watching cos even´╗┐ with the sound down low it’s still too loud

  13. EweToobKnerd Says:

    i got the beyonce …
    i got the beyonce pulse set too! i looove´╗┐ it! i have beyonce heat aswell

  14. mnmgurl1121 Says:

    omg i have the …
    omg i have the meliney nail art´╗┐ thingy! haha just felt like saying that….:)

  15. Ellabelleb Says:

    hi. i was just …
    hi. i was just wondering if you could do a tutorial with the crush cosmetic palette with the speckled eye shadows – i got the same as you as´╗┐ an early Christmas present this year and still don’t know what to do with them ­čśŤ thank you ^_^

  16. gogorock21 Says:

    this website can …
    this website can view´╗┐´╗┐ more gifts :special-giftideas@com. Have fun! P/S: Take away the @ and replace with .

  17. gogorock21 Says:

    this website can …
    this website can view more gifts :special-giftideas@com. Have´╗┐ fun!

  18. gogorock21 Says:

    Dear all, for more …
    Dear all, for more christmas gift ideas, you can go to to have more ideas for your CHRISTMAS´╗┐ gifts! Lots of cool gifts ideas are there……cheers ! Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho…..

  19. XfuckedupfairytailX Says:

    @shakeitgills55 If …
    @shakeitgills55 If it is a boyfriend how about a hoodie or´╗┐ smell good?

  20. XfuckedupfairytailX Says:

    If it´╗┐ is like your …
    If it´╗┐ is like your dad, your guy teacher, grandpa, or uncle you could get them a coffee mug if they drink coffee. Or if it is like a guy friend get him a book, a CD or itunes gift card, a wallet, or if he is in to sports then maybe a hat with his favorite team logo.

  21. XfuckedupfairytailX Says:

    Candles! Everybody …
    Candles! Everybody loves candles! It is also a great idea for like your teachers because I do not have a whole lot of money to spend and so for my teachers and other people´╗┐ that I wanted to get a gift but were not all that close to me, so I did not want to spend to much money on, I got candles. I recommend Glade because it makes the whole room smell good, unlike other cheaper candles.

  22. sugarJcouture Says:

    i love´╗┐ Australians …
    i love´╗┐ Australians <3

  23. bieberswolfpackk Says:

    i bought that´╗┐ nail …
    i bought that´╗┐ nail art thingy and it never worked :/

  24. 123ashcat456 Says:

    u look like Caitlin …
    u look like Caitlin Beadles´╗┐ (:

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